Monthly Colour Challenge – May 2016

Good morning! As promised, here are this month’s three colours to challenge yourselves with.

Not seen the colour challenge before? On the first day of each month I will be posting a colour swatch of three colours and I will be challenging myself – and anyone that would like to take part – to see what I/we can create.

If you would like to get involved, you are welcome to send me images of your creations and I will add them to the gallery that will be released on the last day of the month to show what we have all come up with.

You’ll note that the colour names come from the Tim Holtz distress inkpad range but it’s not essential that you use these – as long as the colours are roughly the same, we’re all good.

There is no theme so you can tailor it to whatever we fancy. The only rule is that it should feature those three colours plus black and white as well (if you need to).

To email me your pics just click on the link at the top of this blog (looks like an envelope).

So, now that that is established, here is this month’s colour scheme.


Distress Ink Linear Blend Swatch - Hazy Horizon

This one uses some wonderfully vibrant cool colours – what do you reckon – any immediate thoughts?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you make!

See you again soon.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Monthly Colour Challenge – May 2016

  1. Hi John, I can also see the little blue tits that are busy nest building at the top of my garden in these colours too. Beautiful colour group you have chosen this month I will try and send you a picture of something :-)


  2. Love these colours John … will definitely try to create something to take part in your challenge :) .

    Hope days 2 and 3 of your workshops have gone well in Surrey and thanks again for the fun day on Friday.


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