All Counties Craft Challenge – Week 1

Well, well, well. What can I say. That was surely a week and a bit!

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and your favourite biscuit and let me tell you all about it.

Ok, the week kicked off with me finishing the packing and getting the furniture taken away (and revealing GIANT cobwebs!)

So I added a long vacuuming session to the list of things to do (in a very short space of time).
It was then time to meet the newly revamped Maisy the motor home at the Create and Craft Studios. She’d had a full on makeover!

*wolf whistles* What a cutie?!

Also, *tuts*, typically raining when she’s all dolled up, right? Hehe, anyway, keys in my sweaty mitts, I approached.

Now, this was the first time that I had driven her too – so that was not at all nerve wracking doing it in a car park full of cars!

Luckily the team at Create and Craft had cordoned off an exclusion zone. Phew!

The official send off was a ballon and speech filled affair.

(Thanks to Create and Craft TV presenter, Andy Love, for this photo).

Oddly, I was doing things slightly back to front. I had yet to pack my worldly goods into Maisy so I took the lady home and began grabbing many of the boxes that I had been shovelling things into over the weekend and starting cramming them into all available spaces.

Eek! Now, believe it or not there was some form of organization amongst this lot. No, there really was! Lol ;)

Bits and pieces packed (although some missing – more on that later).
I then decided to take the old gal out on the open road for a test drive so I decided to go and do a shopping run and get some foody supplies. Arriving unscathed I practiced parking …

Nailed it! Lol! Notice how I chose the most vacant area? Wise choice and I only used the two parking spaces. :)

Spending one more night in Peterborough I actually set off on Wednesday and had a right old jaunt, working my way down to Surrey.

Now, any sensible person would have learned how to use things like the heating, water pumps etc before setting off. Not me! Lol.

As many of you will have seen on Facebook, I learned that mistake while the night time temperature was nudging zero – and I forgot the duvets! *slaps forehead*.

Anyway, long story short. Thank heavens for warm 24 hour service stations!

So, crazy week was going to be followed by three days in Surrey – pop back on Monday and I’ll let you know how that went…

J :)

31 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge – Week 1

  1. John I would love you visit us in St.Helens in Merseyside. Wednesdays are our craft time at my local church and we are a group of like-minded ladies who enjoy crafting. We know what it is like to have to fund raise as the church is having a “face lift” at the moment. Who supplies the materials and refreshments for the experience? Waiting for your reply to see if we can fit into your itinery
    Dorothy Dodd


  2. JudyDP

    Had a brilliant 2 days with John, Sheena and Donna. Met lots of lovely people in a fab venue and learned new techniques. Loved it so much have booked to go to the Kent one too! Let’s hope you manage to get Sussex confirmed as well. Thanks so much for all your hard work in organising the event John and for your company during the (ciggie) breaks!!


  3. Hi there Mr, GC, I really hope that Scotland is on your Itinerary and more importantly Aberdeen and if so, when, it would be a great thing to see you here hope you don’t miss us out. Best regards
    Paul William


  4. The camper looks fantastic. Hope you have lots of fun along the way and we are all looking forward to hearing about your exploits. Good luck with it all ! Liz X


  5. Really pleased thing are going nearly o k, things will get better as you progress on your journey, all you have to do now is relax and enjoy, Best Wishes hope you raise lots and lots


  6. Well done John. How exciting starting on a new venture! Good luck, safe tourneys & have fun!

    Happy crafting


  7. Off on your way John! I was so happy to see the ads on Create and Craft… Brilliant that they are supporting you in all this. The van certainly looks amazing :-) I look forward to following your adventures and wish you all the luck for it. Sending you big hugs and best wishes, T x


  8. The van looks amazing John. What a brilliant way to begin your adventure. Looking forward to seeing you along your journey. P


  9. What a mess in your house! Why are you vacating your house when you only go on a little tour? I hope somebody showed you how to pack the camper van, otherwise you might be thrown off the road. We see that every year in the holiday season.


  10. Glad you are on your way , keep us all posted on your adventures and most of all stay safe and have fun.x


  11. Wow what a lovely day meeting John at the start of our crafty day . Had a busy day learning new techniques. Lunch was very yummy and then more crafting. Finished for the day and chilling out in the beautiful surroundings. If you get a chance to come on one of John’s days and support his charity then you will have a great time.


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