Star Wars Preview

Star Wars or Star Bores?

Well, I finally got around to seeing the latest Star Wars recently. Twice in fact. Long story, won’t bore you with it.

The movie inspired me in a way, but left me wanting in others – or did it?

In case you have been in a science fiction exclusion zone for the last thirty years Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise (whatever one of those is), centered on a film series created by George Lucas.

It depicts the adventures of various characters “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Basically there’s a ‘force’. It has a light side and a dark side. The lengthy movie series charts the struggle and balance between the two through it’s fictional characters.

Having literally grown up with this developing plot line since the ‘first’ installment I was genuinely interested to see the writers and studio make use of the scope for originality and expansion on such a long running story line.

For me however this opportunity seems to have been lost with ‘Episode 7’.

Let me explain.

The plot of the 1977 movie saw a simple farm boy, Luke Skywalker (who is dramatically orphaned), as he and his newly met allies (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2) attempt to rescue a Rebel leader, Princess Leia, from the clutches of the Empire. The conclusion is culminated as the Rebels, including Skywalker and flying ace Wedge Antilles make an attack on the Empire’s most powerful and ominous weapon, the Death Star.

The plot of the 2015 movie saw a simple farm boy scrap salvaging girl, Rey (no surname, possibly orphaned, definitely abandoned), as he she and his her newly met allies (BB8, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca) attempt to seek out a rebel leader key rebel who is in self exile after a bit of a to-do. The conclusion is culminated as the Rebels, including a flying ace Wedge Antilles Poe Dameron make an attack on the Empire’s First Order’s most powerful and ominous weapon, the Death Star Star Killer Base (same thing, just bigger).

Ok, I may be sarcastically summarizing here (can you sense the disappointment). There were a few exciting and goodebumpy moments. I wondered why I was left with such a disappointed feeling though.

Well, the franchise has taken a long time to get around to this point and it is set some thirty years after the original trilogy ends. So surely something ‘new’ is going on? Surely there is more to this than just re-booting old story lines with new characters or am I missing something (I think I might be). Of course it needs to tie up some loose ends and bring back old faves as well as create interest and excitement for the next two releases by establishing new characters but did it really have to mirror the original so closely?

When you have a franchise with established characters and long running plot lines of course there will be cross over and some repetition, this is what brings audiences back for more, but to mirror the original so closely…? Well, it just seemed a little lazy to me.

Listen, I won’t whinge anymore and I must say that I was impressed with the scale of the effects that went into it (honestly, after you’ve popped your eyes back in their sockets, just stay and watch the credits and look at the size of the digital effects team that worked on this!).

In fairness, this is what actually appealed to me as a boy anyway and possibly the reason that I still go. Star Wars in the seventies and eighties went far beyond other Sci-Fi flicks in terms of creative scope and was one of my early creative inspirations.

It still gets me (and many others) today. I don’t think anything (for those that know of it) could inspire goose bumps more than the logo and the epic theme tune for Star Wars.

Anyway, when I got home I decided to have a bit of tea and have a quick play to see if I could come up with anything related.

Bearing in mind what I said/thought about the logo for this quick creative post I thought that I’d have a quick go at re-creating that.

I turned to Photoshop for this one – not a skill I share much on this blog but one I use a fair bit in my professional work.

There was much titivation, many layers and filter effects …

Star Wars 2

… but after a while I got something that I was happy with …

Star Wars

It’s not a complete replica and it’s not totally perfect but I like it – the film was both of these – maybe I liked it after all … ?

Maybe I’ll have to do a sequel to see if my opinion changes – lol!

Feel free to download and use as a desktop wallpaper if you want.

Oh, and apologies for the rant. I’d be interested to hear your point of view on whether you thought that it was worth the wait though …?

As ever, if you have any questions or comments about this post then feel free to pop them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon.

J :)

8 thoughts on “Star Wars or Star Bores?

  1. Can’t agree with you on the film I’m afraid. Complete star wars fan and loved this story. It was almost better than the previous films (but not quite as I’ve not lived with it in my heart like the others) but I do understand your thoughts a little.

    Logo in photos hop looks great


  2. Gosh… loved reading about your emotional response to ‘The Force Awakens’. My head is still buzzing from my own personal experience.

    I may be writing this reply because it is the first time I have really talked about it openly, I have however not spent one day since seeing the movie where it hasn’t had my mind reeling.

    As children and now adults, ‘Star Wars’ was, and is, so very very special. It was our universe and we embraced every part of it with that childhood wonder that would never ever leave.

    I have personally been waiting for this movie for over 33 years when George Lucas talked in an interview about wanting to make the first 3 prequels and also 3 sequels. He took his time about it, but the prequels came and I adored them.

    I even loved ‘Attack of the Clones’ probably the most disliked of the series. They were 3 stories that HAD to be told to get to where we knew, and George Lucas in my opinion did just that brilliantly.

    And then we waited… and waited for the galaxy far far away to come back to us and as you say send that electrical shock of overwhelming excitement through our bodies as the opening title hits the screen. (It’s doing it to me now just thinking and writing about it.)

    This is were I am going to struggle…..

    I mentioned I haven’t talked about this openly as I feel I am a traitor to something I hold so precious, but I was left feeling empty after watching ‘The Force Awakens’. I got the shock title experience that literally made me jump in my seat, but then sat and got sadder and sadder until the cinema lights came on at the end.

    To say I was gutted is no joke. I really felt hollow inside, but for different reasons than your own experience.

    There has been much talk of how J. J Abrams wanted to bring the movie back to it’s roots and have more practical effects over CGI. But I think he took it to far.

    In the 70’s when ‘Star Wars’ came out the practical effects were stunning, we had never seen anything like it before, but to go back to that style and theme again…. just didn’t work for me in 2016.

    Apparently ‘The Force Awakens’ had an impressive 2100 CGI shots out of the film’s 2500 scenes but they were so well done they lost the feel of what I expected to see. The film felt small and underwhelming to me and I am so sorry to feel the way I do.

    I also think my expectations were so high, and rightly so, that it may have clouded my enjoyment. I know I sat in the cinema aware of the people around me and aware that I was watching a ‘Star Wars’ film, rather than being drawn into a ‘Star Wars’ film. My head was constantly thinking “DON’T BE A BAD MOVIE, “DON’T BE A BAD MOVIE” so much so, in reflection, I feel like I kind of missed it.

    When the DVD is released I will be first in the queue, and I will watch it over and over till I finally get what so many people are hailing as a triumph of a Star Wars movie. I hope I will get to that point as I so much want to finally see what others saw.

    OK I’ve said it…. thank you John for giving me the space to do so.

    Now I have to worry about ‘TOY STORY 4’……..”DON’T BE A BAD MOVIE, “DON’T BE A BAD MOVIE” :)


  3. I never got into star wars the only thing I liked was the ewoks as they were cute oh and cp3o? The little robot – as it was sweet.

    I’m much more into terry pratchett discworld as it has some humour and good stories.

    Your version of the star wars logo is great. I wouldn’t know where to start with a graphics program as I find click and print cd Roms hard enough to work out.

    I guess you’re looking forward to the 4th May then?


  4. P.S Regarding the latest Star Wars film – I think all the members of the family who grew up with Star Wars, would agree with you – they were quite disappointed with the storyline, but thoroughly enjoyed the effects.


  5. Love your ‘Star Wars’ logo John! Brilliant! Must have taken ages.
    I haven’t used Photoshop for a little while, used to like using it, but now I tend to use Serif CA2 for more straightforward things, as it is so easy and quick.
    (There are some good apps for iPad too, which I enjoy using, though much more limited, have you tried any? SketchbookPro is my favourite).
    I saw the new ‘Star Wars’ just before Christmas, with my children and grandchildren (think my children are about your age and great fans too).
    My son always accuses me of not knowing much about the story and perhaps he is right!
    A lot of it has gone over my head, over the years – it is the special effects I always loved – SO exciting!
    Think my favourite was the opening of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.
    It was useful to read your brief outline of the story – may help me to come up with a half intelligent comment in future!
    I would like to see the latest one again, just for the amazing effects and in 3D would be fun.
    Anyway, great logo.
    May the force be with you……….


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