Artist Trading Card Daily - 132 - Air 1.2

Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 132

Well hello again. Here is the second of four artist trading cards themed around the elements. This one represents ‘air’.

Odlly, given that I usually slap on loads of stuff, it was relatively easy to do this one.

I did cheat a little though and went with the bog standard representing air by showing clouds – not a bad thing I guess.

For this particular ATC I used an MDF base that I got from Fernli Designs.

First I gave it a coat of sky blue acrylic paint and set it aside to dry.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 132 - Air 1.3

To stamp the clouds (from Indigo Blu) I first tried a white pigment ink but this didn’t quite work so I went for the white Stazon ink instead.

That worked better but I still added a few dabs of white gel paint to give highlights to the cloud.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 132 - Air 1.2

I added just a couple of final touches which were the addition of a bird, riding the invisible air currents, and some dry brushed dark blue acrylic paint around the edges to form a vignette.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 132 - Air 1.1

I chose to stop there. Unusual for me as I was desperate to add a gem or some text or something, but no, it was ‘clean’ and just what was needed.

Thank you for visiting again and I hope that you are enjoying this little mini series.

I’ll be tackling fire next.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this particular post, please feel free to jot away in the comments section below, it’s always nice to hear from you.

See you again soon with the next installment.

J :)


4 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 132

  1. Perfect! I was wondering how you would depict invisible Air, just shows I don’t have much imagination! Thank you for the inspiration of yours! By the way, I thought your Earth was great too, except that to me it looked more like Lunar. Don’t burn yourself with Fire….
    Big Hug.


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