Artist Trading Card Daily - 133 - Fire 1.2

Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 133

Fire is the theme for the third in this mini series of Artist Trading Cards and it uses a new addition to my craft stash.

A couple of days ago I received my Marbling4Fun kit and was desperate to try it out so I thought that I would use it within this series of Artist Trading Cards.

Given the colour selection that I had gone for (Autumn) I thought the hues would work for the fire theme so I prepared the marbling tray, floater liquid etc according to the instructions and set to work dripping and swirling.

I did a couple of testers to get the feel of it and then went for it.

I was definitely well happy with the result but I thought that I would try a little something …

Artist Trading Card Daily - 133 - Fire 1.1

So, when it was dry, I added a layer of clear gloss and left that overnight to set.

In the morning I then began to flex the cardstock and start forming cracks in the glaze.

To be fair this did not really show up to well so I thought that I would sink something into the cracks. Black was my first choice but then I remembered my gold pearlescent paint and so went with that instead.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 133 - Fire 1.2

After applying it I left it for a few minutes to allow the paint to sink into the cracks and then spritzed it with water to clear a lot of the surface paint away.

After that had dried I decided that nothing else was needed – a weird feeling, lol!

Artist Trading Card Daily - 133 - Fire 1.3

I did however choose to apply it to a layer of black cardstock in order to frame and intensify the colours in the main area.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 133 - Fire 1.4

There we go, another little mini creation done!

What do you think? It really fits the bill doesn’t it?

Right, I have more to do but as ever, if you have any questions or comments regarding this creation, please feel free to use the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again later for the final ATC in this mini series.

J :)

5 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card (not so) Daily – 133

  1. A lovely vibrant mini masterpiece John. I am so impressed by your versatility. I would like to book a workshop with you but as I don’t drive I am not sure if I would be able to make the venue. I will probably book in the new year when I have more funds.
    X Chris


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