Mixed Media Canvas 2.1

Trio Of Canvases – Part 2 – A Storm In The Highlands, Or Is It?

Thankfully another of the canvas creations dried in time for me to share it with you this evening.

This one uses the same materials as yesterday’s ‘Mountains Of Venus’ but I ended up with a very different feel.

This time around after creating the wrinkled texture with the kitchen towel I started by painting the plain area blue and the wrinkled texture a mat purple.

I then did a few test drops from the top of the plain area but become worried when the droplets were just dribbling in straight lines. I didn’t think it was going to turn out that well so I spritzed it with water in the hope that it would dilute the colours and give me something to work with.

Then – boom! The colours started spreading and blending and it immediately struck me that it looked like the kind of weird sheeting patterns that you see in heavy rain fall.

I decided to work with that and developed the sky a little more before tackling the wrinkled areas, which were suggesting more to me now.

Mixed Media Canvas 2.3

With the base coat of purple and the driplets of blues and lighter purples coming down the impression that I got was of a heathery hillside – which was nice, but given the intensity of the ‘rain’ I wanted something with drama and impact so I gave the base a few variations of colour coating before applying a deep dark glaze over the lot.

Mixed Media Canvas 2.1

This gave me quite a deep and moody piece but, on closer inspection, would show colour through.

That for me was almost it. I just wanted to highlight the ridges of the wrinkles a little.

Now, I say a little however having tried a couple of dry brushed techniques they all ended up too soft so I scuffed over the ridges with a Perfect Medium inkpad and then chucked on a load of Perfect Pearls gold powder and gave it one quick spritz with some water.

Mixed Media Canvas 2.2

Bingo. That was it! Job done and I can pack up the tools – well, I didn’t end up doing that as I had a third canvas on standby (oh, and it was late so I took the lazy option and just closed the craft room door).

To seal everything I applied a coat of clear gloss spray.

Mixed Media Canvas 2.4

What do you think to this one?

Odd that I used mostly the same basics but ended with two quite different scenes isn’t it? I guess that’s the beauty of craft, no two pieces are the same.

As ever, if you’ve any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Ciao for now!

J :)

4 thoughts on “Trio Of Canvases – Part 2 – A Storm In The Highlands, Or Is It?

  1. Magical. It reminds me of a fierce flash storm we experienced in Croatia three years ago. The colours and landscape look so similar. Liz X


  2. Wow John you have done an amazing creation. So different. This feels very intense, reminds me of seeing distant thunderstorms coming that you watch fascinated knowing you have time to run home n get a cuppa. A breath of fresh air John. Thanx for inspiration and thoughts. God bless.


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