Line Art By John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter 1

Another Commission Complete

Hurrah! Another one done!

It’s been a labour of love with much hand-cramp but commission number two is finally complete :)

Remember the last one?

Line Art Doodle By John Bloodworth Preview

Well, this time I have used a different perspective format and also a whole lot of colour …

Line Art By John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter 3

Boom! Cool, eh?

Line Art By John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter 1 Line Art By John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter 2

The surface that I drew onto was Bristol Art Board as it has such a beautiful smooth surface.

The lines, after being painstakingly mapped in technical pencil using rulers and templates, were inked with Faber-Castell PITT Indian Ink Artist Pens.

The pencils used to colour the design were the blendable range from Spectrum Noir.

And that my dear friends is another line art commission ready to post off to a client.

Now, I’ve got another commission to complete so I’d best head off and crack on!

Take care and happy crafting.

J :)


18 thoughts on “Another Commission Complete

  1. Speechless! Wow isn’t enough, amazing John, keep it up. God bless and take care of those hands they are a very precious gift. Maria


  2. Hi John

    Just stunning. I remember the geometric colouring books from when I was a kid and this really reminds me of them. Designs I’ve always loved.

    Hope the next goes as well :-)

    T x


  3. Fantastic John. Both so totally different but both beautiful. Looks amazing in the frame. You’re getting quite good at this!!! Xx :-)


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