Craft Workshops with John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Preview 3

Creative Scene Stamping Workshop Dates

I’m super excited today as I have had confirmation from Stamford Arts centre that I can use one of their rooms for my planned Creative Scene Stamping workshops!

If you’re interested then read on my friends!

So, it’s been a while in the planning,as I mentioned in my post at the weekend, however it is finally here.

Yes, my first ever solo face-to-face workshops based around rubber stamping – eeeek!

Here is a quick tease of what is in store…

Attendees are going to be able to work through several projects using the Hobby Art Scene stamps to create some idyllic countryside scenes to hang in their home.

Craft Workshops with John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Preview 3
Craft Workshops with John Bloodworth, Gentleman Crafter
Craft Workshops Preview 1
Craft Workshops Preview 1

Workshop attendees will be able to take home the set of stamps that they use, so they can carry on creating new scenes, and will also be presented with a box frame in which to frame their favourite image of the day.

Craft Workshops Preview 2
Craft Workshops Preview 2

Below is an image of the room that we will be using – this room was set up for nine people however I will be limited my classes to seven plus me (two per side) – afterall, we all need elbow room and space to ‘spread’ when we’re crafting, don’t we, lol ;)

Craft Workshops Preview 4
Craft Workshops Preview 4


The dates for these workshops will be:

  • Saturday 10th October.
  • Saturday 17th October.
  • Saturday 24th October.
  • Saturday 31st October.

More info and booking information is available via my online store at

Fancy it?

Many thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you in the very near future…

J :)


15 thoughts on “Creative Scene Stamping Workshop Dates

  1. Just found you! I live 30 seconds round the corner from the Arts Centre so will be booking! Brilliant. Good luck with your venture.


  2. Sorry John,thats a few miles for me also.But those who can and yourself will have a fantastic time All the best for your new venture.


  3. Sorry can’t quite make the journey in Oct John, but good luck with the classes and I’ll do my very best to get to the next ones.would be great if you could do some a bit further south as well.

    T x


  4. I would love to come along to your workshop John, but 300 miles round trip is a bit too far. I’m sure it will be a great success
    Sioux xx


  5. Oh pooh, just checked route planner and I’m afraid that 275 miles round trip is just too far. Would so much have loved to do this workshop :-(
    Good luck with your new venture I know it will be fantastic and such a bargain. Most important of all, enjoy your day.
    all the best


  6. Oh, I sooo wish I could come, but live too far away, down in the deep South! :-( Good luck with your new venture – I’m sure everyone will have a ball! :-) B x


  7. Hi John

    Unable to travel but have pinned, Facebook-d and tweeted. Must say your website is very nice, easy to navigate and no horrible mobile overrides! Very impressed- I know of shops that have been going a lot longer and their websites aren’t a patch on yours!

    Hope you have lots of success with it. £40 plus the stamps to keep, 5 plus hours of workshop and a frame is an absolute bargain!


    T x


  8. So pleased you’ve finally got a date for your classes, John. The room looks lovely and I know you will have a brilliant time! I only wish I could come but the distance and ill health prevents me. Good luck and well done!! xx


  9. Come up to the north west. I live in Oswaldtwistle, get Leonie to come up aswell. I’m sure she knows all the places where you can have a great evening ☺


  10. Hi John could you state the address of the workshops please?
    Good luck with them it will be so rewarding, teaching crafts is.
    Best wishes Adrienne


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