Book Folding Experiment - 2

Life Is An Open Book

Life is an open book they say. So I took this quite literally as I made my first attempt at book folding.

Me being me I also chose to use it as an opportunity to have a go at designing the pattern also – yep, good thinking batman, lol.

Anyway, having wrangled with the different methods for designing, and finally settling on the typeface I created the pattern.

It predicted that I would need a book that was a minimum of 23cm high and with 350 numbered pages. I chose to offer up my copy of “Apocolypse Cow” – a comical foray into the realms of zombie livestock. No seriously, that’s what it was about.

I did have a pang of guilt at this point, but at least I had read it first. Well, at least it wasn’t one of my Agatha Christie collection – NOTHING AND NOONE WILL EVER TOUCH THOSE!!! lol ;)

In an attempt to avoid more guilt I removed the dust jacket – that way I could not see the glaring eyes of the zombie cow on the cover or repeatedly apologize to Michael Logan (the author). Thankfully Mr Logan has already had a small financial gift from me by way of paying full cover price for his work – this did ease the guilt a little.

Anyway, waffling again aren’t I?

So I collected up a pencil and ruler and printed off the pattern, popped on a selection of music and got cracking.

Here is the morning’s work…

Book Folding Experiment - 1

The measuring, marking, folding etc does actually take some time so I’m guessing that there aren’t many people out there doing this for a living and that any creations made are more of a labour of love keepsake – do correct me if I am wrong.

More folding, sipping of tea, snacking on biscuits and jiggling away to Motown tunes took place as I worked my way through the rest of the design – and here is the final thing.

Book Folding Experiment - 3 Book Folding Experiment - 4

I did add some shading on the lettering to make it stand out a little more and haven’t yet got around to the decoration of the outside cover etc but I am very happy with my very first attempt! :)

I think in future though I will choose fonts that don’t have overlapping elements as in this pattern the ‘i’ lost a little of it’s body due to having to dedicate a third of that bit that the upper and lower parts of the ‘L’ – you’ll probably make out that the ‘f’ and the ‘e’ have more oomph to them …

Anyway, what do you think? Are you outraged at the use of books in this way or enamored with the optical illusion that is created from a series of carefully placed dog ears?

Whichever way you look at it, I guess that you have to admire the skill and patience of anyone willing to give it a go.

Oh, by the way, if you like this design, you can download my pattern for free.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read – I’ll see you again soon!

J :)

19 thoughts on “Life Is An Open Book

  1. Brillian book fold john x, i am a bookfolding addict and have just set up a bookfolding blog would love it if you could pop on over. It is a very theraputic hobby.


  2. Wow John this is amazing and so clever of you to design your own pattern I’d love to design a pattern but don’t have the time so I bought Debbi Moores CD vol 2 and made the Brother book my brother was over the moon with his birthday present, oh yes my book was Tony Blair’s A Journey which I bought from a Charity shop, well you could say his book has been on a journey and it’s the best journey that could have happened to his book lol.


  3. Hi John

    Wow! Good job! Designed it yourself too… I think it’s brilliant!

    Sadly I have no room to display such things (the agonies of being a crafter living in a house where you can’t put shelves on the walls) but they do make very individual gifts. I always wondered about sticking down the folds and scrapbooking or journalling on the pages. Guess you’d need a simple font and you could only use thin papers. John, you’ve got me thinking again!

    Well done on another super project, hugs,

    T x


  4. Fantastic…..would make a great gift for a college graduate…..I love different things…..but could not download pattern….is there another way to get it….thanks Terri Novak


  5. Hi John what a fantastic creation. I think you are so very clever to design your pattern as well as start book folding I think book folding would bamboozle me to start with. I couldn’t do it to a book although I so think it’s a good use of tatty books that were once much loved and now sent to charity shops. Sadly I think a lot of books that could be used for this are probably thrown into a recycle bin by charity shops instead of given the chance of a second life.
    Fabulous job John.
    Well done x


  6. Not fair I have just done 3 books and have no idea how to design a meaning pattern but I am having a go at putting together an alphabet upper and lower case based on the patterns I have so I can spell out names in the book folding


  7. Hi John,

    I love the book folding that you have made. I think it looks great. I think the technique looks amazing. I have tried book folding and have finished a couple of books. I would love to design my own patterns but wouldn’t know where to start. Keep up the good work



  8. Hi John, well done on your first book fold. I too book fold and do it for a living,I also design patterns. believe me you get quicker with practice, It does take some patience, especially when designing the pattern but I love the end result so it is worth it. It is also a very addictive craft lol .. Kerry Welch


  9. Well done on YET another skill you have mastered! Not quite sure how I feel about mutilating books in this way! BUT I can certainly appreciate the time & effort that has gone into these wonderful creations.
    Happy crafting


  10. Hi John
    That must have been a labour of love. I am afraid I wouldn’t have the patience. I would enjoy decorating the cover but I don’t think I would try the folding. I spend hours making my own embellishments with dies, punches, paper clay and a melt pot. I went to The Great British Craft Festival yesterday and there were a lot of folded books on display and they were lovely. What will you be trying next?
    X Chris


  11. Looks good John. I’d love to have a go at this craft, but already have too many wips and ufos to start anything else. Maybe at some time during the winter… Gail Rist


  12. I think it looks fab – I love this technique, although must admit I’m more inclined to the “plain” folding pages that you can just add embellishments too – I don’t have the patience for your version! Look forward to seeing the cover later…hopefully without the zombie cow


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