Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Update (Version 2.0.0) – Video Overview

Hello All! Well, lot’s has been happening with the Scan N Cut Canvas cloud based design suite over the last couple of month’s so I thought that I would take a few minutes to record a quick overview video on what’s new and updated.

Hope you enjoyed that.

It certainly seems improved, doesn’t it?

Anyway, thanks for watching and I will catch you all again soon.

J :)


35 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Update (Version 2.0.0) – Video Overview

  1. Thanks for the Guide to Canvas. I coped well with Version 1 but the new version confused me. I found it daunting. Could do with more guidance with something like a laser spot to show where you are clicking. Things may be obvious to others but it takes time for me till the penny drops! Apparently there is more stuff on Youtube but I’ve found nothing helpful yet.


  2. Hi john hope youcan help me. My verson on scan n cut is 2.1.0 im haven trouble comverting my svg and have trouble putting them on usb or straight tto my pc. When i go to down load and right click save has well i dont have that my is open link in new tab, open link in window, ect, and save link as, please help im going mad thanks joanne


  3. Hi John. What are the Differances between the New CM300 and the CM600. What does the Extra USB Port Allow you to do. Also is the Scanner better on the CM300. When we Purchased our Scan N Cut Machines last year we were told there deffinately would not be any Updates or Modifactions that we could not be able to obtain through Downloads.on the CM600. So why can we not do so.


    • Hi Edna, I am afraid that I have not yet researched all of this information and as I am no longer at Create and Craft TV I am not so up to date with this at the moment. I believe that there is information across the internet now about the differences in the machines and what new features have been added/upgraded.
      I am under the impression that some of the new functionality will be made available to existing users however I can’t confirm that for sure.
      Do hope you find out what you need to know though.
      J :)


  4. Hi John, thank you for all the lovely files for the scan n cut. I have Windows Vista, how can I get Scan N Cut Canvas. It says you need explorer 10 and Vista won’t load it. I don’t really want to change from Vista unless I really have to.


  5. Thank you John, you are an inspiration. I have had my scan n cut for less than a week and I am now… With your help… Well on my way to mastering some of the techniques. You make so it easy to follow your tutorials.. I am 65 years of age and never too old to learn something new.. Ann x


  6. Thanks John for the video, it really helped, I’m a fiddler and was just messing my way through rather than looking for written information.

    I’ve uncovered a problem, in the properties box, it insists on reverting to a 0.0,0.25, 0.5 or 0.75 of an inch, it won’t accept the previously possible 100th of an inch to set the size. it’s a shame they’ve lost a good feature.


    • 100th of an inch?! Wow, you were being really precise with your measurements – I’m not even sure what 1/100th of an inch would be as it would be so minuscule. 1/4 is small. A quarter of a quarter would be 1/16 so that’s almost sliver-like – to get down as far as 1/100th of an inch … *whistles*!
      Have you tried manually typing the number in?


  7. John, thanks so much for the video. Very interesting and helpful but I cannot find where to download the version 2.0.0 despite going to the Brother Solutions Centre. You say it has been released so am I being dim? DianaR


      • Thanks John. As usual I got carried away and didn’t take in the fact that it was Canvas you were talking about. I will now go and watch your video again. Duh!




    • WOW thanks so much for telling me the update is to the canvas!!!! Ive been pulling my hair out hunting for it, and spoke to 3 brother employers today after VERY long holds ,not ONE of them told this,….and I am not DIM either!!!! don’t think I can say the same for the employees…..I specially told them I wanted the 2.0 update….omg


  8. Hi John thanks for taking the time to do this video on the changes to SNC Canvas, it’s really helpful for non techies like me. lol x


  9. Hi John

    Do you know if the new version of the scan n cut will be available in the UK. I have been holding off buying the machine as from what I read the scanner had trouble seeing light colours but the new machine will have that function. Thank you Michelle x


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