Artist Trading Card 93 - Digi Stamp Colouring - Close Up

Artist Trading Card Daily – 93

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted but thanks to early sunrises and late sunsets I’ve managed to fit in a spot of colouring.

This artist trading card uses the Fifi digi stamp from Make It Crafty

I also decided to use this as an opportunity to test some new cardstock that I had recently got from Paper Cutz, an online supplier of a variety of specialist papers and cardstock.

The cardstock that I used is called Paper Milk and is apparently made with milk fibres, cotton fibres and woodfree primary pulp. I was curious to know how it would take to various colouring mediums so this is the first in a series of six colouring experiments that I will be doing with it.

Here is the finished result.

Artist Trading Card 93 - Digi Stamp Colouring - Finished Artist Trading Card

Cute isn’t she?!

Anyway, to use a digi stamp I obviously need to print it out first, which gave me the first opportunity to test the Milk card.

I only use a basic HP inkjet printer so it’s not always great with printed results as sometimes the ink can smudge however the results on this milk card were great. Nice crisp clean lines.

Happy with that I broke out the colouring pencils from WHSmith and set to work.

Artist Trading Card 93 - Digi Stamp Colouring - Starting To Colour

The first thing that I noticed when colouring was how even and smooth the colour went on. The cardstock has a slight texture (think subtle hammered texure) and this was acting as a fabulous “tooth” against which the pencils could leave leave their colour.

To get an even smoother blend I used a pencil blending stump and pencil blending pencil. There were no complaints from the cardstock as it did not pill or scratch.

So far so good so I kept going and ended up with what you saw at the start of this post.

Artist Trading Card 93 - Digi Stamp Colouring - Close Up

I don’t normally blow my own trumpet but I was very impressed with my handy work on this one – I hope that you can see from this close up that I was able to achieve some really good tonal and colour blends.- and I was also really impressed with this cardstock too.

The black pinstripe cardstock that was used as the base was also from Paper Cutz.

Anyway, there’s not really much more to say about this one. I hope that you liked my little Fifi … oh, that sounds wrong!! HAHAHA!

Hope you liked it. See you again soon for another colouring test.

J :)

8 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 93

  1. Hi John

    As a lover of all things manga and anime I love it (yup, 30 something considerable going on 13!) as it’s very much a chibi style character and very beautifully coloured.

    Sorry I’ve been going missing on and off, having to catch up in blocks when I’m well enough and some posts have been slipping through the net.


    T x


  2. I think I like using my watercolor pencils too….blending is so much fun with them….I use watercolor paper and it has a nice texture the I like….thanks for all your ideas and your great creativity..Terri Huntley IL.


  3. So cute! Love the colours too. Your colouring is always beautiful. I will try this card stock as I gave up with digi stamps after disappointing results on various printers. Thank you x


  4. Loved everything about this, image, colour etc. Do you know what weight the paper you used is? I’m looking for some nice smooth crisp 160gsm paper and wonder if this might be the answer.


  5. Love the colouring John. Nice to hear about new papers – may have look & give it a try. Thank you for your inspiration as always.
    Happy crafting
    Carole M.


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