Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.5

Artist Trading Card Daily – 69

This Artist Trading Card creation features an almost monotone colour choice but conversely is a celebration of the many aspects of life, and a reminder that we should all be out there living it.

So, here it is.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.1

Now, for a celebration of life you may have expected a riot of colour – and I could have done that, however I wanted the elegance and hope that is embodied in the flower reaching up into the choas of the world (the words) to really stand out.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.5

So, to start I used some Mod Podge mat glue to adhere a scrap of the docrafts Madama Payrauds’s Tissue Paper to some plain white cardstock and let it dry.

Whilst waiting for that to dry I stamped out the words “live” and “life” using some dovecraft mini alphabet stamps using black Versafine ink. I then edged these with a PITT Indian ink pen and trimmed them down.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.3

For the flower, which was to “speak” the loudest in my design I first stamped out several of the design, using black Versafine ink, onto plain lightweight cardstock.

I then cut these out, taking a traditional decoupage approach and leaving of various parts with each layer. These were then layered on using Pinflair glue gel in order to keep the separation between the layers.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.2

Now, you may have noticed a hint of yellow in each of the images. This was actually added until I had the final design stuck in place.

The reason that I added this is that it was far too stark with a hint of colour. I chose yellow as it is the colour of sunshine (which we are seeing more of lately) and in colour theory it is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy, which I thought summed up the sentiment quite nicely indeed!

The colour was added using a citrus yellow Spectrum Noir pen.

The finished touch was a sparse border of complimentary coloured mini gems which I applied with PVA glue and a fine tipped applicator.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 69.4

Now get out there and enjoy life! lol! ;)

(I think that I need to take some of my own advice lately … )

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little creations.

I’ll see you again soon!

J :)



7 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 69

  1. Sorry John I can’t open this one. :( It can’t find page & in very large print it says something about who’s broke the Internet!

    Carole Morgan.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. John, does that tissue paper have the script on or has it been stamped, just love the card, found it after following the http link instead of GC x


  3. John: This is one of my favorite color combinations. black/grey and white with just a splash of yellow. So quiettly satisfying.


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