Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - Featured Image

Teabag Folded Christmas Tree Decorations

Ever since I learnt Teabag Folding I have always enjoyed sitting down to a session of folding and gluing.

It seemed only natural then that I should include it in some way in my series on handmade Christmas things.

Here is today’s Christmas Creation – a teabag folded Christmas Tree Decoration.

Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - 4

I had, in my collection, some purple and silver double sided origami paper that had an inlaid texture.

Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - 1

I thought that this would work well for this project so I set about cutting the larger sheets into smaller squares.

Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - 2

For each medallion I needed eight squares.

Thanks to a sleepless night I got all of them folded, using a triangle fold technique, in one night!

I also glued them together to form the medallions in the same night.

Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - 3

The paper was quite stiff which meant that the petals were sitting at various angles so I shoved them all in a large book and left them to compress whilst I went to work the next day.

When I got back I realized that I had to find something to go in the centre of the medallion but the gems that I had were too small so I had a rummage through the button box and found some metal military style buttons that I had had for a while and not yet found a use for.

The already had a shank on the back so I applied some glue to the centre of the medallion and poked the shank through the central hole – and waited for them to dry.

The branches on my Balsam Hill Christmas Tree are so densly packed and the paper so sturdy that I didn’t need to attach any cord or thread I just sat the medallions directly on the branches.

Teabag Folded Tree Decorations - Featured Image

There we go; I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this Christmas stuff now. I’m hoping that I can keep the momentum up!

What did you think of these – are they the kind of thing that you would hang on your tree?

Anyway, I’d best crack on – there’s still lots to do!

Thanks for reading – see you again next time.

J :)


9 thoughts on “Teabag Folded Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. Hi John I love these decorations. I started card making with tea bag folding and I never would have thought to make decorations like this. I am looking forward to your post tomorrow. Hugs Jackie


  2. I love it John. I’ve never done anything like that, but might try and work it out and have a go for my tree. Thanks so much for sharing.


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