Putting The Ginger In The Ginger Bread Men

December 6, 2014 — 14 Comments

So that title was a little more naughty than I originally thought, lol!

Anyway, for this Christmas creation I decided to call on the Brother Scan N Cut to help me out.

I was hoping to add some traditional themes to my tree therefore I definitely wanted a Ginger Bread Man. I had a look through the design library on the Scan N Cut and found the perfect man (no, stop laughing – there is such a thing).

After selecting the shape from the library of designs I cut twelve from plain white cardstock.

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 1

To add the first lot of ginger colouring I used the GB7 Spectrum Noir pen.

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 2

I then traced around the outer edge with the EB3 pen.

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 3

It looked like an episode of CSI, lol!

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 4

Anyway, the next step for this was to give the edges some shading so I used a succession of pens. GB6, TN6, TN7, an all over squiggle of the blender and then again over all of that with the GB7.

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 5

To add the facial features and buttons I used a black indian ink pen and circular template to mark out where they would be and then added gems.

When all was done, they looked amazing all in a row – like they were fresh from the oven – NOM!

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 8

Mind you, some of them were a little naughty, such as the one that gave the other a pinch on the bottom…

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 10


Or the one that got himself a little overdone!

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 7

Most of them were good (and will be on the “nice” list this year) and will happily sit atop my Balsam Hill Christmas Tree.

Ginger Bread Man Christmas Tree Decoration - 9

So you might be asking yourself why I didn’t just cut these from gingery coloured cardstock – well, the long and short of it was that I didn’t have any – I know, unbelievable, right?!

Anyway, that’s another batch of decs done. How are you getting on?

Time is flying by this month, it’ll be the big day before we know it!

Thanks for stopping by again today and I hope to see you again tomorrow.

J :)


14 responses to Putting The Ginger In The Ginger Bread Men


    Love all your christmas decorations wish i could have good ideas

    Liked by 1 person


    lol naughty and nice! I could make some cute festive earrings if I cut them out of shrinkie plastic. ‘To the craftroom!’


    Christine in Bulgaria. December 7, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Brilliant. Your posts are a real tonic. Xxxx



    LOVE them, you have such patience! Your posts do make me giggle! Hazel x

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    They look good enough to eat!!!



    Absolutely excellent John. Love them! Nothing done in my house yet but there is time yet.



    I love them – zero calories too! Clever John…. as always



    Thanks John for sharing your clever ideas and for making me laugh. Keep up the good work.xx



    These are so cute, I may have to try them myself. Thats if santa brings me an extra day lol. Wendy in Wilts



    Brilliant post ,John – haven’t laughed so much in ages – simply adore your humour – def on the same wave length as me, lol! Thanks for sharing B x



    Hi John,

    Awwww, cute! I do prefer the edible sort myself but these little guys are very sweet. I will be making a ginger bread man card or two thought to make up for the lack of tree!

    Might also try some teabag folding too ;-)

    All this sharing with us John, you will definitely be on the “nice” list this year!


    WheelyBad x



    Hi john they look so lovely and a bit naughty ,you make me smile every time I read your blog ,I’ve never wrote on it but there is a time for every thing .On my side I am making a angel for the top of my xmas tree as I cannot find what I really want in the shops it will be a bit funky but hey angels can be lol. Keep writte Hugs



    Hi John you have created some gorgeous tree decorations this year. Thank you for sharing. Nothing is decorated here but the things are out of the loft and I have written lots of cards today, so getting sorted. Hugs Jackie



    Great job John, love your Christmas ideas so far – Wondering if you had thought of doing some Christmas crackers for your tree or table using Scan n cut – saw an idea somewhere where you can open box in middle to put nifty lollies or little gifts into them – would love to be able to create one of these on our scan n cut! !
    Sue – Australia


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