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The Case Of The Missing Pictures

Missing artworks, a priceless jewel and a murder.

This could be a case for Holmes, Marple or Poirot.

Ok, ok, so there were no jewels and there wasn’t a murder (although I could have punched myself) and realistically the missing artwork was ‘only’ some handcut designs but there is still an element of mystery involved – what has happened to the pictures?

The answer appears to be, I have no idea.

Here is what the witness told me:

  • The pictures were handcut.
  • They were put in a brown envelope.
  • The envelope was put in a ‘safe’ place.

Here are the clues that have been discovered:

  • A messy craft room. No one would ever know it had been burgled.
  • A torn brown envelope found in the recycling bin.

So, as you can see there really wasn’t much to work from.

I therefore had to do a finger tip search of the craft room, which ended up being a therapeutic tidying and cleaning exercise also, lol!

Still no pictures :(

What a fool am I for losing them!

Anyway, I came to the realization that they were gone and that I would have to do them again.

I had the designs from Paper Panda saved in the email through which they were delivered so I downloaded them and printed them onto watercolour cardstock and set to work hand-cutting them again.

Long story short, I completed them and found some backing papers in my collection and framed them up in some nice white box frames.

Here are the completed pics.

Christmas Handcut Paper Pictures - 1 Christmas Handcut Paper Pictures - 2 Christmas Handcut Paper Pictures - 3

Phew! Crisis averted!

That’s two handmade gifts complete.

What do you think? They’ll look nice on the wall of whoever gets them won’t they? (I can’t say who they are for as they might be reading this).

Anyway, I’d better get on and make some more gifts¬†before the big day arrives!

Take care and see you next time.

J :)


23 thoughts on “The Case Of The Missing Pictures

  1. WOW! I can hardly believe you actuallyHAND CUT these intricate designs! Stunning and whoever the recipient/s is/are are in for a real treat at Christmas! Amazing! Hazel x


  2. Oh the terrors of the messy craft room – tell me about it! The number of things that go missing is silly at times … but I often find ‘suprises’ ie. things I didn’t remember I had so yet another lovely project gats under way. I absolutely love these papercut pictures – how delightful for the lucky recipient. Thanks for sharing! Now … where did I put …. ?


  3. Love the pics John, and well done you now have a tidy room to boot. I like you, still can’t find my dies either. Oh well just have to buy new ones. X


  4. Ha ha I put a photo album with all my granddaughters’ new born pics in a safe place over 15years ago And still haven’t found it! Now I put things on my table if I need to keep them safe. Your makes are great John I may pinch your Idea. xx


  5. Love reading your posts John. It’s nice to know that experts make the same mistakes that I do, makes me feel mush better. The pictures are beautiful and would take pride of place on any wall.


  6. Oh John, it’s so reassuring to realise that there is a select band of us crafters who can lose things in “safe” places – also getting lose the “safe” places!! I even lose things that I put down only a moment previously – shock horror! The pictures are charming and well worth all the hand cutting, for the great effect. Given me an idea, but for next Christmas now, I’m too deep now in making felted flower brooches for this year. Happy Days!


  7. Hi John, I love the pictures, they are a lovely present, well done.
    My family call me Mrs. Finder as I can find things when I’m not even in the room, SPOOKY! my craft room has to be one of the most messy in the land, but I usually manage to find exactly what I want, even SPOOKIER!
    Can you tell me if C&C will be having any more Inkadinkado gear stamps in future? I love them.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x x x x


  8. Hi John

    I have learnt from past experience never to put things “in a safe place” it is a fatal thing to do as so called “safe places” have a reputation of not being safe.¬† I should know!!!!

    Maureen F



  9. Love your pictures Jon. I have things that go missing too, at this present time it is 2 glue guns .Must have a tidy up. Happy Christmas.


  10. They are beautiful and I am sure whoever receives them will love them. I would be more than happy to receive something like that in my Christmas stocking!. Well done.


  11. I have a box in my craft room labelled ‘a safe place’ full of little brown envelopes. I can recommend highly this strategy. Elementary my dear Watson.
    The only snag is at very busy times,such as the run up to Christmas, I can be known to lose the box!


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