Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 21

Monday Mash Up – Fifty Shades Of Blue And A Rabbit

First of all, let me just explain the title – it has nothing to do with THOSE BOOKS or THAT THING, but now that I have your attention, you might like to read about some rubber stamping that I have been doing this week?

After you’ve cooled down.

This post begins some time ago when I availed myself of the Woodlands Scenes clear stamp set from Hobby Art stamps however since then they have been on the “come on, have a go with me, you know you want to” pile ever since.

I wish that I had listened to them earlier.

On my first play with these stamps and I tried out several colouring experiments and I really enjoyed what I did.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 1

Having a series of ideas already going through my head I also started to make the masks that would help me build up some scenes later on.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 2

I then tried out a scene by stamping the mouse, then masking him off, and then adding more of the scene.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 3

I then used Lyra pencils to colour this in.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 4

I wasn’t 100% happy with this one so I started again, this time working directly onto a tag.

Having repeated the masking and stamping, this is where I got to.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 5

Yup, happy with the layout. Now to add colour.

I used alcohol markers to add some shading to the lower grass area and the bushy area to the left.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 6

It’s subtle but you can just about make it out.

I then set about using the spectrum noir pencils to add more highlights and lowlights – and ended up with this.

Monday Mash Up - Fifty Shades of Blue - 8

He’s kinda cute isn’t he?

That’s where I left that project for now as I had another idea that I wanted to try.

To see the next part of this story, please use the numbered page links below.

38 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – Fifty Shades Of Blue And A Rabbit

  1. Have tried downloading svg files from this site, but when trying to open them, I am asked for a password, did you have this problem?


  2. Love the card John!
    I have a brother machine and I have used several files of there’s to create SnC files. I would like to know how you got canvas to make the mat from the file, if you are willing to share the information. Thanks x


    • Just use the offset tool. It’s a button on the toolbar that looks like two circles sitting in top of each other.
      The canvas help PDF will explain more if you need it.


  3. Great card John. I love your colouring. I have yet to use my pens and pencils and my snc. I gotit last week but its a bit of a learning curve. I really enjoy your page as its really informative. than you. kate


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