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Brother Scan N Cut – Some Useful Links, Information and Other Stuff

*please note – there is now an updated version of this list of links here*

Hello all :)

Well, both Mel and I have been overwhelmed by, and grateful for, the positive feedback from the Brother Scan N Cut shows on Create and Craft TV however there have been a lot of frequently asked questions asking for more information.

I have therefore trawled as much of the internet for you and collated a list of useful links that I hope will cover a lot of these FAQs.

Online Brother Scan N Cut Workshop

Where To Buy

If you are thinking of buying this machine, and are located in the UK, you can get your Scan N Cut machine exclusively from Create and Craft TV.create-and-craft-tv

More Info

Brother Scan N Cut Website

In honesty, a lot of commonly asked questions could be answered with a quick poke around the Brother Scan N Cut website. You can find it by visiting

User Manual

Not a common request, but probably one that a lot of you could take advantage of. It’s the instruction manual. Yes, the very one that I didn’t bother reading when I first switched on my machine! Might give you some good reading and help you understand how the machine works and what it can really do.

The user manual can be downloaded from here –

Other Documents

Want to see the other documents that are included with the bundle from Create and Craft TV? You can find them all by visiting this support area –

Scan N Cut Canvas

A lot of you have asked for a link to the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas online software so that you can start playing and designing. You can access this by visiting

You will need to sign up for a free account in order to access this. Having the machine doesn’t make a difference, you can start designing now in anticipation of when you do receive your machine. All of the designs that you make will be stored online until you want to download them.

You can transfer your images to your machine by downloading them and putting them onto a USB stick which you can then insert into the machine.

Updates for the machine are likely to be advised here also.

Final link in this section would be to the help file PDF which is located here –

Software Updates

The process for upgrading the software is listed in the instruction manual.

The software update will need to be downloaded onto a USB stick which you would then need to insert in your machine and perform the update.

According to the instruction manual, updates will be listed on the Brother Support website here –

I have a feeling that they will also be listed on the home page for the Canvas software.


Some of you asked where you could see more footage of the machine in action.

Brother have been compiling a series of promotional videos and also videos from other users and reviewers on their YouTube channel. You can access it by visiting

Social Networks

I know that a lot of you are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – and so is the Brother Scan N Cut – here are the links.

Brother Scan N Cut on Facebook –

Brother Scan N Cut on Twitter –

Brother Scan N Cut on Pinterest –


There was initially some confusion on social networks and forums about this matter. To clarify, the ownership of this machine does not change the copyrights, terms of use or angel policy of ANY other product or image that you use in conjunction with this machine.

The purpose of having the built in scanning functions is really to give you the ability to design your own so that you don’t have to just rely on things that are already out there – which is a very exciting opportunity to me.

That’s It For Now

Anyway, this should give you lots of reference points no matter what you are looking to find out.

If however you have other questions, please feel free to list them below and (when I get time) I will be sitting down for many play days with my machine and also blogging some of the test results, projects and files for download in the future.

I hope this helps.

J :)

357 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut – Some Useful Links, Information and Other Stuff

  1. Hi John can you give me some advice I have a cm600 & suddenly the screen at the beginning when the cartridge first moves the screen has frozen & I cannot get any further.


  2. Hi Jon I am looking to buy the scan n cut cm900 can you tell me does this machine come with a scanning mat. Could you also tell me if this machine can cut small intricate designs and in your opinion is this machine is good buy. please help


    • The bundled content will depend on where you buy the machine so I can’t answer that question for you.
      The machine can cut intricate designs within certain parameters.
      My opinion is that yes, it is a good machine, however you should satisfy yourself that it is right for you before purchasing.


  3. Hi John I have one of the first scan n cuts {not wireless} and love it have been using canvas to design files. I have had to replace my laptop as it died from overwork and my son persuaded me to buy an IPad. How can I transfer my FCM files fro. Canvas with my IPad as there is not an USB port?? My DH bought me a female USB to camera that plugs into IPad but when I try to Xperia file a message comes up that says unable to use as it is too fast ?? Any ideas ??


  4. I want to do the vinyl monogram for t shirts. Where do I get the vine interlaced monogram letters that are so popular now days. It seems there is none specific for the scan n cut. Why? I need them soon. I am about ready to take this back. Very disappointed.


    • Hi Marcy. Not quite sure if you are disappointed with the machine or the fact that you can’t find the designs you are looking for. SVG cutting files can be used with the Scan N Cut as can most True Type Fonts; both of these feature heavily across the internet so a simple search for what you are looking for in either of those formats will yield many options.


  5. i have a scan and cut. it wont cut clean when using tattered lace design on usb. it snags the card in places. got new blade its still doing the same thing tried changing settings pressure etc and no change. Help where am i going wrong. I so much want to make loads from my tattered lace usb but getting nowhere with it.


  6. I have recently purchased a scan and cut but I’m ready to launch it out the window it either won’t cut all design or pulls the card have tried different settings but can’t get it to cut cleanly any suggestions


  7. Hi John. I have a Scan N Cut 2 and recently the blade has started “catching” on the paper I’m cutting. I pulled the blade out and made sure that the housing is not gunked up and checked the mats to make sure there are no sticky bits on it, but it keeps happening. The strange things is that it is not happening in the same place. Have you ever heard of this happening? Any ideas on how to fix it?


    • Yes I have head of this happening. It could be to do with the cardstock – have you recently changed brands? It could also be to do with the design – have you recently purchased new designs that have acute corners? It could also simply be a blunted blade – when was the last time that you changed it?


  8. Hi john had my cut n scan for nearly 4 yrs. got a few images on my usb stick, today I gave put it in the machine and it won’t recognise my usb stick. Any ideas? Thanking you Denise


  9. Hello John,

    I am having trouble with my scan and cut. I have had it for two years, no problems, but the mat, once loaded and once cutting starts, is moving through the machine unevenly, almost sliding. Do you think a new mat would solve this problem.

    Thank you. Val Ryan

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hello the lady with the probl mat i had a similar thing happen to my mat only mine didnt feed in evenly.
        I found a solution to fix it by putting a strip of masking tape accross the back edge level with the top of mat and it now works perfect every time .hope this will help someone xx

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  10. Hello,
    I’ve only had my Scan n Cut for a few days and have worked through the tutorials. But … I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here … I have clicked and downloaded onto my USB a project from the canvas. USB into machine, I can see the design but the only 2 buttons I have are: ADD or SAVE. Nowhere does it say CUT !!!! Am I missing a stage out? But I can’t get to somewhere I can actually click CUT! Arghhhh !!!!!


  11. I have just bought a scan and cut so excited to get started cut some fabric squares out when taking them of they all fray what am I doing wrong please help H Inglis


  12. Hi I bought a second hand snc in usa and registered but I am soon moving to uk will I have to re register? Will it even work over there? I see it is 110 220V thanks, Maggie


  13. Hi John,
    I am having trouble cutting the out- line of my images and my 3D temple patterns out. The ScanNcut will cut the odd one or two of the images out, but most of the time it just wants to cut parts of the images. Also when I turn my machine over to clean the scanner there’s a noise and it sounds like a loose screw falling. I have tried to contact brother but can’t seem to get any joy, when I do and they need information they want it on sewing machine or if they have the ScanNcut there, they don’t have my machine number and won’t let me carry on filling the form in. I hope you can help me.
    Kind regards,


  14. Hi John,
    I have the cm700 wifi scanncut and am trying to get my saved downloads into canvas, I keep getting ‘this type of file cannot be used’ message what am I doing wrong please?
    Also if I buy an svg file and download it to my computer what do I do next?
    basic stuff im sure, but I am stuck
    many thanks


  15. Hi John, new to scan and cut, found you information and videos very helpful indeed. I wonder if you or anyone else has successfully used a tablet device for using with canvas? I was having a try at a first project so I was following along for the card you made with the scalloped cut out. Howver as yet, I can’t find any way to select both shapes together on my iPad. This means I can’t group them or align them. I will go and try on PC but just wondered if anyone had any tips for using on iPad or similar devices.


      • Thanks, I was hoping if I could get it to work I could be creative where ever I got inspired rather than stuck at PC. As yet can’t get canvas launched my hubbie kindly upgraded to windows ten and I can’t get chrome to work yet.


  16. Hi john! Huge fan and purchaser of several of your projects from etsy…love them!! Just bought a scan n cut, mostly because I want to be able to cut my own chipboard assembly projects like a project that looks like a book with a slide out shadow box with hidden drawer. I’m hoping that you have projects like this for purchase and can direct me to other places that offer these svg files. The places that sell these things want 10-20 dollars a piece! There HAS to be a way to make them with this machine! Ty!


    • Thank you Carmen, I’m not sure what projects you are referring to on Etsy as I haven’t sold anything on there for years.
      In my personal opinion 10 – 20 dollars is a reasonable price for a full on construction project as you have to factor in the time, testing and effort that has gone into making that work before being made for sale.
      I am absolutely sure that there are ways of working your own projects in chipboard via the Scan N Cut, as many have already shown.
      I don’t have any specific projects for use with chipboard on my website but will have a think and potentially add some in the future.
      Best wishes,
      J :)


      • Ok…so I totally panicked thinking I had lost my mind because I KNEW I’d just purchased templates on etsy from the gentleman crafter!!! Sure enough, there was the store! But he has a different “j” name. I have no idea there were two gentlemen crafters! So my apologies :-) I agree that those projects or worth the money but it’s not affordable to someone like me who does a lot of them. That’s why I was hoping to find a time and less expensive option but I can just continue to do what I have done before And piece together by hand. Ty for your help!


  17. Hi John, I’ve read with interest your comments on updates, Ive purchased a PNY attache 32gb usb which according to the list is compatible but when I put it into my CM600 it doesn’t recognise the file and says it can’t find it.
    I’ve downloaded on my Mac and used Windows 10 and the same message appears Help!!! Please I’m ready to give up.


    • I have heard that only the update file must be on there or the machine gets confused. I’m afraid however that I am not too technical in this respect so I would suggest contacting the online Brother helpdesk if this doesn’t sort your situation.
      J :)


      • Hi John thanks for your reply , it was anew unused usb so should have worked I have already emailed so hopefully I will get an answer soon.
        Thanks again.


      • you need to make sure that the usb has absolutely nothing on the drive a lot of new usb come with drivers and so on loaded. You need to go in windows to file explorer then click on the drive. Delete everything and then reload the update file you need. It should not work fine. At least that is how I got mine to update.


  18. Hello John. Thank you for advise, I have tried the off and on, but still the same so now I am going to follow the instructions for the alignment process. I am a bit nervous about doing this, if I can not manage to do this will it make my machine any worse than it is now. Can you give me any more tips on how to get it right . If I have to get in touch with support desk, Can you give me there phone number or email address please. Regards Elaine


  19. Hello John .
    Please can you help me? . I have had my Scan N Cut a year now and the problem I have is when I want to move an something on the mat I have to touch the screen A little away from the object and not on it and the same thing happens when I want to touch the + and – .But am still managing to use my machine. But it would be nice for it to work properly I await for your advice.Regards Elaine


    • I have had this happen a couple of times.
      First try turning off/on.
      Next try going through the alignment process. This is detailed in the manual.
      If these don’t resolve it I’d suggest contacting the brother support desk.
      Hope this helps and that you get things sorted soon.
      J :)


  20. Hi John,
    I wonder if you can help me, I am not very technical and am struggling to download updates for my scan n cut. I have gone past the user agreement and saved the download, but when i come to open the saved file windows cannot open the file and wants to know what programme to use to open the file with? when I follow the link they try to sell me some malware software (I have no idea what that is) what do I do now please?


  21. Hey John. Was wondering if you had a solution to my problem with drawing with the Scan N Cut. Problem being is that I can draw a name, no problem, if I leave it the size it originally is done in. As soon as I make it small, it doesn’t draw it. Any solutions to this?


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