Winter Projects - Shirt Quilt Material

Winter Projects

We all know the feeling, the nights are drawing in and getting colder so we go out less and look for things to keep us busy in the long winter months.

So, at the risk of creating yet more UFOs I’ve been looking at starting some winter projects.

You probably also know that I am a bit of a flitterer when it comes to crafts and often have more than one thing on the go at the same time. Well, winter will be no exception.

I know that I have a few UFOs to complete already but I’ve also lined up a few projects that I shall be working on over the next few months.

Winter Project 1 – An Old Shirt Quilt

On a recent wardrobe sort out (after the realisation that I am so NOT going to get my slim figure back no matter what I do) I found myself with a pile of shirts which actually work well together in terms of pattern and colour.

Winter Projects - Shirt Quilt Material

So I have decided to do a basic patchwork quilt with them.

It’s going to mean hacking them into squares and hand sewing each one together (as I want it as neat as possible).

I’m not sure if I’ll add any decoration stitches to it yet, only time will tell – I’ve yet to start cutting …

Winter Project 2 – Granny Square Crochet Throw

Winter evenings are inevitably cold so I am looking at making a throw. I’m not that good at knitting but can crochet so thought that I would try and do a throw made up of lots of granny squares.

I’ve done a couple of test squares recently and found a really simple pattern that means I can do a few squares each evening (time permitting of course).

Winter Projects - Crochet Granny Square

I may have to invest in some more colourful crochet cotton though as that grey colour is a wee bit depressing :/ (although weirdly in this photo it does have a purple tint – it’s not like that in real life – imagine school uniform grey – blurgh).

I’ll share the pattern in a future blog post (mind you, if you’ve done granny squares before, you’ve probably already got it).

Other Stuff

There will be more cards, Inkadinkado Stamping Gear projects, blogging (hopefully as I finish each UFO and also I will keep you posted on the progress of these winter projects) and also some munching of Christmassy snacks :)

Anyway, that’s my initial winter workload sorted, what winter projects have you got lined up?

Thanks for reading.

See you again soon.

J :)

15 thoughts on “Winter Projects

  1. I too have just started quilting and attend a U3A beginners class, and am loving it. My DH had a clearout and before I took his shirts to the charity shop held some back to use for sewing. You need to get the mat and rotary cutter as on C&C recently so you don’t need to hack at your shirts lol !! The cutter goes through the material like a hot knife through butter it is uber sharp. Looking forward to seeing your completed project.


  2. I’ve just learned how to knit, which is far less painful for me than crochet, and I have four seets of hats, gloves, and scarves to knit for friends and family, plus a jumper, and an afghan. I’m on a sewing hiatus right now, apart from adding fleece to the backs of the scarves, and I’m making some papercraft/mixed media things to hang up on the walls. Always trying to keep busy.


  3. great projects to start. I’m the other way around, I can crochet but I hold yarn as if I’m knitting and knitting is my first love. I’m not sure what the book is called but their is a brilliant book around with lots of granny square patterns, if you fancy a variation of pattern! There is also a video on Youtube showing a way of crocheting them together rather than sew them. I made a really brightly coloured throw in strips that I alternated in colour to look like squares for our local hospice. Enjoy


  4. I’m not a quilter John or a sewer for that matter (my hubby tells people he hides his wallet in the sewing box I will never find it ha ha) but it will be good to see your finished quilt if it doesn’t end up as a UFO love Gillian x


  5. I wish Bejay had given a link – I wrote to EK when I got my first set – suggesting that they made a straight length of ‘cog’ so that we could make borders. I see that a lady has come up with some DIY versions, but I can’t get foam core anywhere here.

    I’ve made a shirt quilt John – gave it away for Project Linus (an organisation that gives quilts to children who have been through some kind of trauma). We make them for our local hospital.


  6. Hi John
    There is a definite check thing going on with those shirts. Would love to see the crochet pattern as I’ve only done straight lines before.
    Ang x


  7. Last year I started a quilt “The night before Christmas” poem is the theme. I now have to do a border for it, so I am hoping I will finish it for Christmas. Alll the best. Janx


  8. Well done John, it’s great to see some recycling I’m all for it, however an awful amount of hand sewing is needed to do your shirt quilt cover so if you want to finish it over the winter months maybe it might be worth investing in a sewing machine – they have some great ones on Create & Craft !!!!!!! sorry couldn’t resist it.


  9. I’m looking forward to seeing the crochet pattern, John. Once I get going I can do a basic stitch, can’t follow a pattern though…my biggest problem is actually starting the project off as I inevitably end up with 5 or 6 corners instead of the 4 that I need LOL. So, I’m hoping that following your instructions I should be able to get something started and finished!

    One thing about Inkadinkadoo…have you tried the new ‘gadget’ they have to help position the stamps that are mounted on wood? I saw it on Youtube and thought it was quite fascinating. xx


  10. John

    You do make me laugh!

    I only started quilting recently and currently I am in the middle of making cushions and a table centre using the dresden plate template. I never knew sewing a circle could be so hard! I’m currently hand quilting the cushion covers and am desperately trying to find something round that has a 20″ diameter that I can draw around to use for the table centre. Why oh why did I make the dresden plate for it bigger!!!!

    My second project is a crochet pram cover in black, white and 2 shades of squares. It is made up of big circles that are 3d and little circles. Not sure if it is going to sew up well but I’m still optimistic! I have found an american craft website which you can download patterns, at a cost, from. This website covers all the crafts I am interested in so I have plastic canvas, crochet, sewing and quilting patterns all downloaded I am sure I saw a quilt pattern using shirts on it. I’ve not purchased any knitting patterns as yet as I find knitting projects take too long compared with crochet.

    I’m off to the Hobby Craft show in Glasgow next week so no doubt there will be some more projects being started soon. It’s disappointing that C&C don’t visit this show as often as they do the others.

    I’m off back to my hand quilting.

    Good luck with your ufo’s

    Happy Crafting



  11. Fabulous, & if you don’t mind me saying John, it has a comfy ‘old time’ feel to it…make do & mend :) Very nice! I once turned out & was also given some boringly normal knitwear, so I cut squares & using the old sewing machine I had then, joined them all together, folded the whole thing in half & sewed around the edges to make a huge bag, re-turned it & finished it off. Put a few random stitches so the ‘quilt’ stayed square, & I’d made myself a very cosy colourful ‘blanket’ to snuggle under :) I used to do lots of hand sewn patchwork, & my sister still has a very old now cot quilt I made 35 years ago using cast off cottons….my own children’s unwanted clothes, shirts….allsorts, & it’s fun to look at it as we can name all the garments, & what happy memories it conjures! :) x


  12. What lovely projects for winter days and nights. I am in the process of continuing knitting pink and purple squares for a throw , thought it would look nice on my chair , and I am going to attempt to get ahead with a birthday card stash , so I always have them to hand . Happy winter crafting x


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