Inkadinka-Doily – An Inkadinkado Stamping Gear Creation

October 9, 2013 — 28 Comments

I’ve been having another play with the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear and came to the conclusion that quite a few of the designs that I was making looked like doilys, so I thought that I would explore this route and see what I could create.

If you’re familiar with this blog, and my other posts about the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear, you’ll probably realise that this project started with an Inkadinka-doodle.

Here it is.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Doodle

The one above was stamped with 3 different colours of distress inks and I liked the way the colour graduated towards the corners. I felt that it gave it a little bit of interest rather than all being one colour.

I began by trying one all in black with some shading. To be honest, I REALLY didn’t like it and abondoned it half way through. I don’t normally show my “changes of mind” but here it is …

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Abondoned Work

Not bad if you are a Victorian chimney sweep and need something to put a vase on in the sitting room! Lol.

Maybe I’ll revisit that idea when I am feeling a little less heavy handed however I chose to start over and selected some different colours as that is what had enamored me to the idea in the first place.

I wanted to do this in purple but didn’t have three of the same brand/type of inkpad so did some tests first and found that the following three worked well together tonally – Adirondack Earthtones – Eggplant, Distress Ink – Dusty Concord and Adirondack Brights – Purple Twilight.

Right, onto the actual stamping.

As in previous designs I needed to make sure that the stamp was in the right place on the paddle so I laid it onto the card (without ink)…

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Stamp Placement

…slid the paddle into the cog and picked up the cling stamp. I made sure that it was straight of course and made the first round of impressions.

I had made the masks for the last attempt so re-used those for this and applied them to the first set of stamped images.

This next image shows the masks on the card after I had made the first circuit of stamping.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - First Round With Masks On

You’ll probably have noticed that the first circuit was done with the Open Basic technique.

The first circuit was done with the Adirondack Earthtones “Eggplant” inkpad.

I then had to re-do the placement/pick-up for the second circuit. Here is how the stamp was positioned.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Second Round Stamp Placement

As you can see it’s going to be going into the notches of the cog that I missed on the first circuit, but at a larger distance from the cog.

Here is how it looked once it was stamped out.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Second Round Stamping

This second round was stamped using the Dusty Concord Distress Inkpad.

Now, when I came to do the stamp placement/pick-up of the stamp for the final round I discovered that the paddle didn’t reach quite far enough so, because I had enough visual references to do the corner impressions by hand I resorted to just using a standard acrylic block and the Purple Twilight Adirondack Brights Inkpad.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Stamping The Corners 2 Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Stamping The Corners 1

So, here is the final design as I had stamped it, and after the masks had been removed.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Final Stamped Design 2

I seem to be getting into the habit of shading edges lately, mostly because I think that it adds a little more interest to the card. This design was no exception; here is the design with inked edges.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Ink Blending On The Edges

Oh, you may have noticed that I had trimmed the design down too. I did this as I thought that the extra white area around the edges was a little too much. Just call me fickle ;)

I created the sentiment by using a nice verse from the “Kind Thoughts” unmounted stamp sheet from Creative Expressions and stamping it onto white cardstock using the Eggplant Adirondack Earthtones Inkpad.

I then cut it out using a Spellbinders circle die and used the die as a stencil to apply a little of the Purple Twilight Adirondack Brights inkpad to “blush” the edges.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Sentiment Stamped And Inked

I then got some black cardstock and cut the largest of the Delightful Circles die collection from Spellbinders and a circular mat from purple cardstock and assembled it all.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Completed Sentiment Topper

So, I had all of the parts but my initial impression was that the overall thing was still going to look a little bland. Yes, even with all that doily-esque designs and the sentiment on top. I felt that it need a little floral arrangement or two.

I had done something similar with clear stamps from Tonic Studios so reached for those again.

This time I stamped them onto patterned paper several times using black ink.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Stamped Floral Papers

Cut several layers…

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Creating The Flowers 1

…I gave them a little shape…

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Creating The Flowers 2

…and then layered them up and added an adhesive pearl in the centre of each flower.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Creating The Flowers 3

I created another one and then all that was left to do was assemble the card, add some gems to the corners and sit back and admire my work – et voila!

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Completed Card

So, there you have it. Another design idea using the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear as a design tool – and yet another new term in my crafting dictionary – along with Inkadinka-doodle and Inkadinka-designer, I can now proudly sport the term Inkadinka-Doily! Lol.

Here is a final look at the completed design all stood up and proud like.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Featured Image

Also, a little close up on the topper area.

Inkadinka-Doily Card - An Inkadinkado Card - Constructing The Card

Anyway, thanks for reading this blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comments box at the bottom of this screen.

Take care. See you again soon.

J :)

28 responses to Inkadinka-Doily – An Inkadinkado Stamping Gear Creation


    Well John, I know it is a while since you placed this tutorial but I have finally stumbled upon it. I just love this design and it has inspired me to give this a go myself. I was so impressed with the stamping gear kit when you brought it to us on C&C and bought the big starter kit and also since have bought many more of the bits and the stamp sets but after my initial attempts I was making a right pigs ear of it. I can now see that your guide lines are a terrific way to place the design and it was something I was getting wrong. I also like the use of the masks to just get the bit you want. I am going to get it all out again and try to make some good use of it. The wonderful thing is it can be used for so many occasions throughout the year just by changing the sentiment and the embellishment. Thank you so much for this tutorial.



    Hi John this is gorgeous. It almost looks like the flower at the top has a crown on. Hugs Jackie



    Dear John ordered new gear bar great product again( Inkadinkado) with stamps Its wonderful. and it arrived under 24 hours. would highly recommend this one . Nee Neee



    This design is stunningly beautiful! And totally awesome! Btw I loved your monochrome design, if it needs a home …I’d love to have it!



    Wonderful design John. I agree with you that the flowers just gave that final touch, stunning. I really liked the monochrome one too. I love black and white, think it looks classy



    Wow you are good. Janice Hingley



    Absolutely fabulous John. I love the whole concept and the flowers just add the finishing touches to it.



    Oh wow!!!! Thats stunning!!! Loving your blog, because everything is explained well! Thanks!



    these look stunning I really like the one stamped in black .thanks for the step by step demo



    Hi John, I think this looks stunning so must have a go.



    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I must get myself one of the starter sets – this is stunning and I love the shades of purple you’ve used, tfs x



    Hello John

    A truyly stunning card.

    Thanks for your know how.




    Wow – another stunning card! Thanks John – you’re really opening up a lot of possibilities with the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear system and I’m loving it all! I actually loved the black and white version too but thought the black doily in the middle looked a bit ‘heavy’ – might it be resurrected with a grey or silver/grey middle?
    Will definitely be giving this card a go – many thanks as always for such a good tutorial x


    Yvonne Wilkinson October 9, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Gorgeous. Also love the black one, with a bit of bling can see it looking stunning x



    Another stunner! I love it (but then I liked the black and white version too).



    Beautiful card as always.



    Another beautiful card John. Thank you for the tutorial. Gail



    Hi John, WOW! this card is stunning. I was reading the step by step instructions and when it came to the flowers I thought they would spoil it and were would you put them. . Boy was I wrong. They set of the card and don’t spoil your lovely design at all.



    Hi John
    Going abroad? Have I missed something? Love this project, even the sooty one.
    Great stuff matey.
    Ang x



    Another magnificent design, John! Your instructions are so concise and easy to follow.



    EXCELLENT – Patience is a virtue, well done John looks lovely and I’m going to give it a go … thanks for the inspiration



    Please don’t go abroad – unless you promise to keep posting. Love your work – so inspirational and always so varied, keep it up.



    Another fabulous design John. Love the step by step that you give us novices.

    All the very best.




    Great design John, well done once again. Plan to have a go today when my granddaughter arrives for her crafty lesson. We love following your demos. X



    Stunning as always, must try this it looks great.


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