12 Drummers Drumming Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter

The 12 Days Of Christmas – Day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, twelve drummers drumming …

12 Drummers Drumming Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter

My true love will be finding out today that we will be breaking up. 

Bells ringing, fiddlers fiddling, lords leaping and ladies dancing have all taken this spot in the past.

Quite honestly, I would have been happy with one bar of chocolate. 

Carol aside, I should let you know that I used the 12 Days Of Christmas stamp set that came free with Issue 63 of Creative Stamping Magazine.

A line was drawn at the side of the Artist Trading Card and the sentiment stamped in the space created. This area was then masked off and the main design was stamped across the remaining space.

Alcohol markers were used to colour the design and then some glittery highlights were added to the struts and the sticks.


*breathes sigh of relief*

Phew, we made it. Was it me or did the 12 days feel a lot longer.

Thanks to the guys at Creative Stamping magazine for the inspiring designs that have kept us all entertained in many different ways over the last twelve days – it has, despite my true love turning out to be proper unhinged, a blast!

Hope you have enjoyed it too. Would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, thanks for your company and I will see you again tomorrow for something that I haven’t yet planned so don’t know what it will be, lol!

Anyhoo, bye for now.

J :)

11 thoughts on “The 12 Days Of Christmas – Day 12

  1. Your commitment to your true love must be sorely tested, I agree a bar of choc would
    have done the trick. You have certainly given lots of ideas for using the stamps and
    the designs are funky. Thought I may stamp up all 12 and connect them with ribbon to make a decoration. MANY MANY thanks for your fab sharing of ideas with us all. Happy 2019.

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  2. Another fab ATC John. Thanks for sharing your creations and insight into the history of the song. I have only used the partridge one. xx Hazel

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  3. Hi John I always enjoy seeing what your creative juices come up with. You kept the joy of Christmas going for me with these little gems. Looking forward to another fun filled year with you. Karen x

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  4. Great 12 day’s John but glad you breaking up with that love. If it were craft supplies you received, than it would be an other story.
    I loved them all and it show not only you make awesome cards but also have a great creative mind. Thank you.

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  5. Hi John. Have loved all the designs and especially the description of your true love becoming evermore unhinged as the days have gone on, VERY entertaining lol. Christmas did seem to go on a while, but that’s probably because it didn’t start till Christmas Day. Thanks for cheering us up on these dark winter days and keep up the good work. Stay happy. Kath X

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  6. I tracked down the magazine with the stamps in ebay and bought it…. this may well go down as the earliest date I have planned my next year’s cards…

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