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Doodle Journal 1

January 12, 2017 — 17 Comments

Hello my lovelies. Just recently I’m not getting a huge amount of time to craft so have been looking at ways of getting my ‘fix’.

Whilst browsing the art pads in an arts and craft store recently I came across a little square sketch book that I thought would make a perfect doodle journal – so I grabbed it and trotted off, after paying for it of course.

Hopefully I will be able to find the time to have a little doodle each week and of course will be sharing them with you – this post is the first page!

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Helloooo! I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting things around this neck of the woods in recent times however I have got a bit of time on my hands this week so I thought I’d swing by and catch up on a few things.

Firstly, I’m pleased to say, I have to let you know that my absence from actually writing this blog has not prevented me from attempting to make things.

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