Doodle Journal 1

Hello my lovelies. Just recently I’m not getting a huge amount of time to craft so have been looking at ways of getting my ‘fix’.

Whilst browsing the art pads in an arts and craft store recently I came across a little square sketch book that I thought would make a perfect doodle journal – so I grabbed it and trotted off, after paying for it of course.

Hopefully I will be able to find the time to have a little doodle each week and of course will be sharing them with you – this post is the first page!

First, here is the pad of which I speak-eth – a little over dramatic however I do love a new sketching pad.


Quite unassuming. I may have to decorate it at some point I reckon.

After stroking the cover for a moment or two I took the brave step and opened the cover.


*happy squeal* A fresh white sheet of paper. Mmmm, so pretty.

Ok, so I’m a little weird however I do love the first page of the new sketch book.

I did however think that this journal wasn’t going to fill itself and that I had better get doodling or I will have failed in my goal already! Lol.

HB pencil, ruler and eraser at hand and I set to work blocking out a pattern.


Quite geometric. Now had to think how I was going to ink this in so reached for the pencil case of pens that I have been collecting, erm, I mean buying for professional crafting reasons.

GOLD! Yup, that was going to feature in it somehow. After hovering the pen over the paper for a moment or two I plumped for filling in the small diamonds.


Nice. Like It. Ok, it’s going to need some form of shading.

Snatching up a Zig Clean Color Real Brush grey pen and popping off the cap with my teeth – sounds like I was in a mad panic doesn’t it? – I added a little shading to each of the larger overlapped diamond shapes.


Working out well so far. Time to ink the main lines in.

I opted for a Uni-Ball eye fine pen for this.

Ditching the ruler in favour of the calming concentration of drawing the lines by eye I worked across the design.


A tiny bit more detail I think.



Yes, done!

Worked out well didn’t it?

Now a tad too excited about doing more but will have to close the doodle journal until the next time I have a spare few mins and can work through another design.

Hope you enjoyed this wee post and will join me for future Doodle Journal posts.

Many thanks for reading!

Stay happy

J :)


17 thoughts on “Doodle Journal 1

  1. Like this very much. Must look for a journal but would need to decorate the cover. It’s just asking to be decorated. Thank you for sharing and your brilliant ideas.

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  2. Thank for sharing this with us, John. It has rekindled a desire for me to try my hand again at this “doodling thing”. So much so that I will have to flesh out my own little pristine sketch pad the next time I’m at Michaels. I love the geometric design you created…it goes straight to my OCD heart, shading perfection and all :) Very beautiful…please keep sharing your amazing, artist talent!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love it John I keep meaning to start a journal but never know where to start. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. Jenny.xx


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