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Another Catch Up – Where Is The Year Going?!

Helloooo! I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting things around this neck of the woods in recent times however I have got a bit of time on my hands this week so I thought that I’d swing by and catch up on a few things.

Grab a cup of tea and I’ll begin the waffle …

Firstly, I’m pleased to say, that my absence from actually writing posts has not prevented me from attempting to make things. In fact there has still been plenty of ‘happenings’ and I’ve got a fair few works-in-progress on that go that I hope to crack on with this week and be able to photograph/record/edit/write about and post here soon.

To bring you up to date here is a quick rundown on the rumblings in the junglings.

ATC challenge 

This is still ongoing and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made so far. Nearly at number #!!!

I’ve got the next batch of 50+ planned (on a to-do list) but I am a little behind on this so hope to catch up soon.

If you need to catch up on the 80+ that are already online, please feel free to visit the Artist Trading Card section of this blog.

Fabric Friday

I didn’t quite make the April deadline for bringing this back but I have a couple of interesting WIPs on the sidelines.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook you probably remember me deliberating over some choices of fabrics a while back. Well, I managed to make the choice and got around to cutting strips, but that was about it.

Fabric Friday 1

I am hoping to make this into a table runner for my coffee table using the quilt as you go method – so stay tuned – it WILL be turning up soon.

From that fabric debate I did also come up with a second selection.

Fabric Friday 2

With this one I am hoping to table a larger project and do a wall hanging quilt, but listen, at the rate I am going I should invite you back in 2018 !!! Lol. I must sew more!

YouTube Videos

This year I successfully started recording and posting videos to YouTube (link) and, as a result of various requests, am planning and working on props for a batch that will be recorded/edited/released soon.

In the near future I hope to be able to create at least one full length video per fortnight, on top of everything else, but we’ll see how that goes eh? Lol ;)

If you would like to see my channel/videos, or even subscribe to it, the you can find my Youtube Channel here.

Shopping Trips

Shopping for craft NEVER stops. I’ve had a few mini splurges this week (although I REALLY shouldn’t have) and have snaffled some lovely bargains.

From Create and Craft’s Monday Morning Madness show I managed to snaffle a Craftwork Cards kit and some Spellbinders dies at half price. It’s coming to something though when you have to order in a show that you are producing as they would either be sold out or the prices would not be the same – but DON’T TELL ANYONE as I should have been working – it’s our little secret, ok?!!!

To be fair, I should really just get paid in craft supplies as it mostly gets spent on that anyway, lol.

Craftwork Cards and Spellbinders Bargains from Monday Morning Craftiness

I did also grab some more canvases from The Works recently so that I can do more canvas creations – work has started but at the mo is on hold whilst I figure out what I am actually going to do with them.

Other ‘Stuff’

I’ve actually been taking advantage of the nice weather recently and have been out and about sketching!

The whole experience started with a coffee, obviously. I deliberately packed my pencils and sketch pad though so that I could have an excuse (like I need one) to sit outside a coffee shop for several hours.

Sketching 1

Things started out well with lots of construction lines being lightly applied.

Sketching 2

Then I moved onto shading with a variety of grades of pencil and a blender pencil.

Sketching 4

With the shading I also used various black ink drawing pens to add the line work. I normally wouldn’t but I thought that it added something to the image.

Sketching 5


I’m proud of it, but I am definitely rusty. I hope to do more while the weather remains good so stay tuned as I will obviously post them on here.

Craft Room Tidy/Clearout

Having over spent in the shopping trips (by a fair bit) I am hoping to have a craft room clear out this week and will be listing goodies over on my ebay account sometime soon in some flash (quick) sales. Do mark me as a fave seller in order to get notifications – you can find me here.

There’s nowt there at the time of publishing this post though, so don’t panic.

Whilst having a clear out I am also getting organised (finally). One of these little spurts gave rise to me printing out labels and a colour chart for my Tim Holtz distress inkpad collection. I did this as I am forever going to the shops and realising that I don’t have a clue which colours I have so end up not buying any for fear of duplicating. At least now I can see which ones I have and which ones I need to complete the collection.

Tim Holtz Distress Inkpad Colour Chart Neatly Organised Tim Holtz Distress Inkpads


Given the recent (and quite surprising) popularity of my canvas giveaway on Facebook last week I am happy to say that I will be doing more of these in the future. Can’t say what or when, but a little freebie goes a long way so make sure you get updates from this blog in order to be notified of what’s coming up.


Obviously work at Create and Craft is keeping me super busy as usual as it goes from strength to strength.

Having produced more than 10,000 hours of shows, demonstrated on more than 200 and been involved in most of the exciting adventures for the channel in the last 12 years since it launched it can sometimes be hard to find favourites so it’s probably just easier to say that it’s fun that keeps the place fresh and a great place to work.

The shows often involve a certain amount of professionalism as you can see in this picture of Nigel May and Julie Hickey preparing for a recent show, talking about the products to be featured.

Nigel May and Julie Hickey preparing for a show at Create and Craft TV

However after the serious bit there is then …

Stephanie Weightman with her eye-patches that had me in stitches.

Prepping With Stephanie Weightman

Melanie Heaton pretending that she was being attacked by a Dalek.

Mel Heaton Attached By A Dalek

Me being a little too excited about a UNICORN MADE OF CAAAAKE!!!

Unicorn Cake


Unicorn Cake 2

My Facebook photo being nabbed and turned into bunting – thank you to whoever made this – it was good to be seen on Birthday dressings :)

Bunting Face

It’s all par for the course really.

So, as you can see there’s lots keeping me creative and lots in the pipeline – I just need more time and to MOVE MY BUTT!

Anyway, that’s enough waffle from me … so erm, hello?

Argo Lounge For Breakfast

Oh, I seem to have cleared the place out by talking too much. Lol!

Anyway, I really should get on but do tell me what you have been up too!


J x

12 thoughts on “Another Catch Up – Where Is The Year Going?!

  1. I wish that I could sketch like you John,still loving the cut and scan Wish I had more time to play..Pity we can’t buy a few more hours,never mind.Thanks for such a lovley post.All the best,Jackie


  2. Well John no one can ever accuse you of being boring, I follow you avidly and enjoy your natter very much. Dont know how you find the time to do all you do but wish you could pass the trick on to me as time is my worst enemy. I think you are a very talented artist and look forward to more of your work. Have been following you here for quite a while and only just signed up for you tube. Now if you would just accept my friend request on face book I could stalk you on there too. Thanks for sahring x


  3. hi john thanks for the catch up, so good to see what you have been up to. Lovely sketches im so impressed, I have just been getting back into sketching myself. Its amazing how rusty we can get. You have inspired me once more. Thank you again. I see you too need a 10 day week with at least thirty hours in a day….oh bliss at the thought…we can dream eh!! look forward to next instalment. Happy crafting.


  4. Wow, what a truly terrific post John! It’s great to hear from you. I was only wondering how you were a few days ago and realised that I hadn’t read a blog post from you in what seemed like ages. Great to have you back. I shall be clicking to follow you on ebay and who knows … maybe I’ll be giving a new home to one of your orphaned off crafting supplies. (I think you’re brilliant in having a clear-out and I only wish I could do it. Sadly I worry that the very minute I’ve parted with something, will be the exact moment I’ll need it again! eeek! lol).
    Sending love and crafty vibes ~ Cobs. x


  5. Hiya John
    I have really enjoyed reading this blog, it’s so full of life humour and insight into C&C. I adore Steph presenting and also demonstrating, and Mel is a scream, she is so full of information and gives it freely.
    I do have a tip:, when I’m shopping for distress inks or anything that has lots of colour choices or bits and pieces, I take a photo on my phone. My phone is always with me and so, the colours I have are there at my fingertips woo hoo.
    A friend bought me a small resin Tortoise last Christmas, her daughter is poorly and so leaves the house rarely. I decided to take this tortoise wherever I go, yes even on holidays, and I send her a pic of it each day in different situations, as often as I can. She looks forward to seeing what Tortoise has been up to, and I try to put a humours message with it.
    Please keep going with the ATC’s they are all terrific, and I look forward to seeing your creations.
    Love and Light Sioux x


  6. I’ve been following your ATCs and really enjoying every single one, as well as learning a lot along the way but I’d didn’t realise that you were an artist as well until seeing your sketch on this posting today. Wish I had one per cent of your creativity and artistic ability. Keep on inspiring us all please X


  7. What a lovely insight into your busy professional life john, very kind of you to share and extremely interesting. :-) X P.S. The sketch is amazing – such a talented guy!


  8. John after reading this I can see you are extremely busy! Wow I’m exhausted just thinking bout all that you do! I must try a work out this Facebook and follow you on that & also You Tube. Your drawing is fantastic. I have taken up drawing & painting, but I have a long way to go & lots of practice before I reach your standards!


  9. Hi John

    First, subscribed to the you tube channel and followed you on ebay. A lovely catch up, it’s great to know although you’ve been busy you’re having fun.

    I managed to grab the heartfelt creations peacock paper pad for half price last week, I was over the moon! If I didn’t by art and craft/ sewing supplies I’d be a rich woman lol I was impressed with your sketch. I keep promising myself I’ll go out and draw something not off a photograph (or from my warped little mind) and I too am having fabric agonies!

    Us crafters have a life that’s full… colours of inks (I have a notebook with lists of my Inks, pens, embossing powder, flakes, waxes etc etc), pages, patterns, mediums, fabric, yarns and whatever else and on top of that you work darn hard in a job you clearly adore (and one most crafters would love!) so it’s no wonder you got a bit behind. Creative people want to fit as much into life as possible so on the outside we may look crazy and disorganised but inside we glow with creativity, colour, enthusiasm and a desire to make the world a prettier place!

    And with that, real life calls. Looking forward to your next creation!


    T x


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