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Portfolio Archive – Black And White Portrait Photography

Over recent weeks I have had a number of positive comments about my photographs on Facebook. People have been impressed and have suggested that I should do it as a career. What a nice thing to say :)

It may (or indeed may not surprise you) that I actually did study photography, albeit in a small context, as part of an Art and Design Diploma that I completed back in 1990/91.

Photography has changed so much since I then so I thought that it might be an idea if I shared some of my attempts with you from the past and present.

This first post looks at the past.

When I studied photography there were no camera phones, no digital cameras (or at least if there were, they were the high end ones that only the pros used as the first consumer models didn’t arrive until around 1994).

Even Photoshop, the digital editing software of choice for professionals these days, didn’t take off until February, 1990. So there was, you could argue, no digital retouching either, at least not for the likes of a young student like me.

The only ‘real’ way of doing photography was to understand the SLR (single lens reflex) camera, the properties of film; then learn the process of developing the photographs yourself in a darkroom.

For this reason most of this batch of photographs were taken and processed in black and white. It was cheaper and much much easier to learn than colour shots.

The subject in all of these photographs is my best friend Adrian who I have now known for 40 years (oh lordy how time flies!). He was/is a big fan of Madonna so striking a pose was no issue for him.

We didn’t have a lot of special equipment, just a borrowed SLR camera, some black and white film and two pairs of legs (to get us from location to location).

Whilst I couldn’t tell you the difference between the ISO, aperture settings and shutter speeds etc now, I think that I did a pretty good job in taking (and developing) these photographs back in the day.

Anyway, here is the gallery. If you would like a closer look, just click on one of the photographs to open the slideshow.

And there we have it. A small selection of my back catalogue of photography. I am going to try and do a couple more posts featuring some more recent photos, perhaps landscapes and food – two of my favourite things, lol.

I hope that you have enjoyed this trip into the past and (like me) are super grateful for the advances in technology that help us all be better moment snappers.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, please feel free to use the comments section below.

Bye for now.

J :)

13 thoughts on “Portfolio Archive – Black And White Portrait Photography

  1. Hi John

    What lovely photographs, your friend could have used them in a modelling portfolio as he really could strike a pose well- very good looking lad, is it that your photos so good they give us that impression?! I did a little photography in school, about 1990 and after the month or so I’d forgotten all about the many settings until I got a digital camera and felt the need to fiddle with it! I depended on a point and shoot film camera until 10 years ago so I take my hat off to you as it does take a lot of skill to use a ‘proper’ camera.

    You’re a true multi talent!

    T x


  2. Just looked at your photographs …… obviously you are so talented in many different artistic ways


  3. These are amazing John, you should do this again! I love the b/w, always have. I did photography at school, I remember, back in 1986-7, taking photos in the woods near the school in Mill Hill, then developing them. Good times. You are a multi-talented gentleman. Not a jack of all trades, but a master! Peace, good sir x


  4. What wonderful photos John – broody and stylish. Wonderful memories too of just one part of your lasting friendship. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing. I love these photos. Barbara B.


  5. Hi John brilliant photos, your so talented. It’s amazing what turns we take in life and where we end up. You have amazing skills that you utilise so well, keep it up. Your so inspiring. I enjoy my landscape photos firstly but my pets have provided the quirky to the delight of family and friends. Always make good subjects for cards lol. Thanx for the inspiration keep it up. God bless. Maria.


  6. Hi John, they are very good and you should be so proud of what you have done. Would love to be able to take photos like that .
    Well done xxx


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