Micro Photography – A World Beneath Your Feet

Watcha mates. I’ve often watched nature documentaries with fascination. Particularly the ones that show us the ‘hidden’ world of the micro organism and it’s juxtaposition against it’s larger brethren.

It was with this in mind that I whipped out my phone and attached one of those clip on micro lenses in order to see what I could see, or, couldn’t see if you catch my drift.

Was very pleased with the results – fancy a look?


I am unsure whether to tell you what each one was or to let your imagination run wild and free, as the lifeforms in these images were.

Ok, maybe I’ll show you a couple of my faves and then give you a gallery to flick through whilst sipping a brew – sound good?


Just a little more waffling before I crack on then.

Wanted to mention that all of these photographs were taken in the same small open area on a farm.

I wore appropriate atire I believe …


*sniggers* What a fool.

Anyways, the images were shot at a distance anywhere between twelve inches and about a quarter of an inch from the subject. I wonder if you can guess which in the gallery later?

Nothing more was added to the phone other than a clip on lens.

Ok, my first fave is this one.


Yup, a mold spore or something of the like.

Looks oddly like one of those close ups they do in science when looking at weird diseases doesn’t it?

I was pretty amazed at the detail that the phone picked up with just the addition of the clip on lens.

Number two fave next.


Initially looking much like a corn field this was actually a super close up of a clump of moss. Such vibrant greens and incredible detail!

Ok, one more and then I’ll let you crack on at your own speed.


Is it wood or is it stone? At this scale, hard to tell. Defo a tree trunk though – it’s had a very hard life, poor thing.

Oh, wait! I have just one more. And this one is definitely a Marmite kinda pic – you’ll either love it or hate it…


Yup, looks a little gross doesn’t it? Why I like this? It just captures detail of the world that you would never normally notice.

This is in fact a cluster – of spores? – at the center of a fungus with the moss encroaching from the left of the image.

Looks a little alien-like though doesn’t it?

Right, that’s me done I think.

Time to let you roam the countryside and have a little fun for yourself imagining what the subjects are, at what scale they are and, well, maybe even what world they are from.

Click any image to start a slide show.

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a little gander at what I have been up to.

Hope you enjoyed playing the game and will pop back again soon for another look.

Catch you again soon.

J :)

26 thoughts on “Micro Photography – A World Beneath Your Feet

  1. Awesome John, you really do have some great ideas, some of those would make some wonderful backing papers for a card or scrapbook page and that could make for an interesting conversation.


  2. Brilliant pics. I took pics of frosty Moss this morning.. nowhere near as good as this but I also try to look for interesting textures and prettiness whilst out walking. I must look pretty odd squatting to take pictures of the floor but hey ho!


  3. Love the flat cap, Eh up chucky chuck come n feed me whippets, Dalylight come, and I’m off down’t pit (Chas n Dave take off by Alas Smith and Jones Wayyyy back. Griff Rhys Jones and Mel Smith).


  4. I love these type of photos. Used to do this on my dslr. If you couldn’t find me i was normally lying on the floor with my camera lens in some flower.


  5. Loving these photos – they’re all so interesting and beautiful I have toyed with the idea of a macro lens for my phone…this could just push me there :) iPhone 6S Plus is what you’re using? I have just the 6 plus but I’m sure it’ll do as well. I have a son who works for Apple out in San Jose, California – I shall direct him to these shots so he can see what his ‘stuff’ can achieve :)


  6. They are all lovely john I like the one that reminds me of a shell you may think what top left but I think we all see things differently keep them coming are going NEC march xx


  7. How inspiring and had the same idea as Christine – would make lovely pictures.
    Can imagine these (enlarged) on the walls of the local hospital corridors. Eileen xx


  8. Very good John. I can see some more of doodles coming up, with these as your inspiration! Nature has some wonderful colours & designs doesn’t it. Thanks for sharing.


  9. ‘Morning John. Love your micro shots! Some of them would look really good framed up on a wall ;D……….Christine x


  10. Excellent! Love micro photography! Interested in finding out what kind of clip on lens you used as I have been looking at them. Thanks for sharing. xx


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