Inktober 1 by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter

Inktober 1

Thought I’d have a go at this, this year. Originally created by artist Jake Parker and is simply a creative exercise to help get more confident at drawing/inking. Maybe you’d be interested too?

If you are, do check out Jake’s Inktober website. In essence, though, the challenge is to simplify your options to see what you can create with a limited toolkit. The rules are super simple. Draw something and post it online.

Jake provides some ‘official’ prompts each year if you are struggling for inspiration however I am sure that you could do whatever you fancy as long as you do it.

Here are this year’s prompts.

Think I’m going to do my own thing for now but will refer back to this if I need to.

Anyway, here is my first one.

Inktober 1 by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter

What do you think?

I’m keeping them small so that I am able to keep them going within my work schedule. Don’t think that detracts from the result though eh?

Anyway, hope you will enjoy seeing what I’ve done even if you aren’t planning to give it a go yourself.

See you tomorrow for another one.

Ciao for now.

J :)

5 thoughts on “Inktober 1

  1. Hi John,
    I think what you’re doing with these designs is fantastic. I love seeing the various paths you go down with your work.

    Can I please ask when your stamp collection will be back in stock please?



  2. Looks great John, I didn’t here from it before but I saw the video by Jake on an other blog on saterday. I know you can draw very well, so I’m very curious about what you’re going to show us this Inktober!

    Liked by 1 person

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