Inktober Day 2

Inktober 2

So, should have been out yesterday however I got sidetracked BUT at least I did the inking on day 2 :)

Here is day 2 of my Inktober attempts.

Inktober Day 2


If you would like to have a go at this it is not too late to check out Jake’s Inktober website and have a go yourself. The rules are super simple. Draw something and post it online.

Jake provides some ‘official’ prompts each year if you are struggling for inspiration, however, I am sure that you could do whatever you fancy as long as you do it.

I’m keeping them small so that I am able to keep them going within my work schedule. Don’t think that detracts from the result though eh?

Anyway, hope you liked this one.

See you tomorrow for another one.

Ciao for now.

J :)

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