All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – The Countdown Clock Starts, Herefordshire and Into Wales

Hello diary followers. It’s been a wee while since I last updated on you on the occurrences of the All Counties Craft Challenge so had a wee sit down in front of the the new-fangled type-writer-pooter and jotted down recent happenings.

If you’ve got a brew, allow me to start.

All Counties Challenge Header

Last time we spoke I was gearing up for the new batch of workshops.

In the meantime something pretty scary happened. What was that?

Maisy and I passed the 90 days to go point. As it stands, whilst writing this post, we have in fact 83 days to go!

Crumbs, that doesn’t feel like long at all. What will happen to both of us at the end of this challenge? Never mind that, what will happen in the next 83 days?!

Anyhoo, allow me to get back to the plot and let you know what has actually happened in the last week or so.

Maisy and I headed over to Herefordshire for our next workshop.

Neighbours this time of year aren’t always in abundance so it was nice to have some peace and quiet to work in.


It also meant that I could do the walk of awkwardness to the poo box emptying station without anyone else knowing what I was doing.

It also meant that Maisy could state at the pretty sunset.

Have you missed the foody pics? Had a smashing brekkie the next day with these crumpets that had been specially made for a toaster and some lovely scrambled egss.


Mmm, rubs belly. Happy tummy.

Ok. Well, as I mentioned we were in Herefordshire. This was obviously for a reason. That reason? It’s workshop time!

For this workshop we were invited to Wyevale Garden Centre in Hereford.

We were invited along buy Clair James and her business partner, Jane.

Here they are tucking into brekkie before the day started.


Clair and Jane run The Pedlar’s Tray which is a wonderful and eclectic array of crafting goodies and handmade items inside the Wyevale Garden Centre.

More on that later though as it was time to set up for the workshop.

We were working with Gelli Plates again this time so I treated the group to some new sets of Pebeo Acrylic Paints paints to work with. Don’t they look great set out like this?!


*happy sigh*

Right, stuff ready. People ready. Let’s go!

Lunch came around quickly and we all tucked in to some scrumptious grub from the Garden Centre’s restaurant – one of the busiest restaurants I’ve seen in a garden centre!

During lunch I also got to meet this cute little girl!


Sorry the photo was blurred however I pressed the shutter just as the tongue went right in my ear! LOL!

Anyway. Time to check out the goodies in The Pedlar’s Tray.

What I didn’t know about Clair before I met her is that she specialises in making scale dolls house accessories. Check some of these out for works of art!


No idea how she can even see the holes in the canvas, let along complete the stitches!?


Now, this talent runs in the family. Clair’s mum, Diane, also creates things for dolls houses however she also makes tools to help others do so.

Check THESE out!


Hard to get the scale from the photo however these are either 1/12 or 1/24 scale!

As I mentioned, Diane makes tools to help others make these tiny beauties and I was given a special little tour of her box of Flower Plates.


Little metal moulds into which porcelain paste is pressed, removed and shaped. Simple concept with incredible results!

If you’d like to check these out, please do pop along to The Pedlar’s Tray website.

Right, there was more workshop. We finished with the Gelli Plates and used the papers that we had made to cover an MDF pocket watch shape. Cool project! Will share on here when I get the chance.

End of day selfie time!


And of course the sensible Victorian style one.


Right. Sad to go but LOTS more to do this week with three workshops to complete in Wales before the weekend is out.


A total of £24,000 was raised for Mind, the mental health charity.

Thanks to every single person that contributed in their own unique way – you made it happen!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up. See you again soon!

J :)

4 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – The Countdown Clock Starts, Herefordshire and Into Wales

  1. Hereford Wyvale is the best … only biased because it’s in my home town!! Looking forward to you visiting Handmade at Helen’s in Dumfries in March John! Safe travels.


  2. Looks as if everyone enjoyed themselves. None of our local Wyvale Garden Centres have anything like this. Looks lovely.


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