All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Big Ass Diary Update Part 2

Ready for part 2 of the All Counties Craft Challenge Diary Big Ass Update?

Ok, let’s go …

All Counties Challenge Header

Right, heading out of the Tonic HQ carpark and it was off up to Ellesmere Port as Maisy was in need of a serious makeover before she was scheduled to appear at the Crafting Live event in Esher, Surrey.

First job was to get the windscreen replaced – chip flew up from a lorry and made a nice crack so it needed doing asap!

Thanks to this cheeky Autoglass chappy it was over and done with in less than an hour! Marvellous.


Now, you may have noticed a ‘little bit’ of dirt on Maisy lately so it was time to go and see our old mate Kev from Intimate Detail and get her a good old scrubbing.

You can see why she needed it …


Kev came up trumps and really made me proud of Maisy again.



Thanks Kev! Awesome job!

Now, if only Maisy could stay clean on the four hour motorway journey down to Esher, while it was raining and muddy … I think you can get the idea how that turned out, lol.

Ah well, she was still much more presentable than she had been. Good job as she was sat right outside on show to everyone!

The lovely Samantha from Create and Craft TV’s marketing team had arranged for me to have a table in the entrance foyer of Sandown Racecourse where the Crafting Live event was to be held – and it was all ready when we arrived!


Time for a cup of java before the day kicks off.

Coming back into the main entrance and the crowds were already building.

I was obviously there to take donations in return for the colouring postcard book created by Create and Craft TV.


Even had a little time to do some colouring in on the Sunday.

It was good to catch some familiar faces across the two days as well, and some that I’d only known through social media until now!

At the end of the weekend the takings were banked and in the two days the total raised was £965!! What a result! This along with colouring book donations online through Create and Craft TV gave the challenge total a nice big boost but this wasn’t the end of the generousity or the workshops.

Next stop – the lovely little house of THE Julie Hickey. I had been promising Julie a day in Maisy for a long time and she has done so much to help the challenge that whilst I was in Surrey it would have been rude not to have honoured that promise.

I picked her up and we spent that day mooching – as the kids called it – creating various things and nibbling at various snacks. It truly was a fun day and hopefully showed my gratitude to Julie.

While we were having brekkie a lady also found us and made a donation to the challenge! I didn’t get her name but Julie got a photo so thank you to this lady!


Right, is anyone else exhausted yet?!

No time to stop!

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