Fun with Foundation Paper Piecing Part 2 – Free Pattern Available

Excited to bring your part two of the Fun with Foundation Paper Piecing series today by showing you the Economy Patch.

This is very similar to last week’s block but introduces a smaller square in the middle of the diamond, as shown in these examples.

As with many of these repeating patterns, it’s fairly quick and easy to stitch together and so makes an ideal base for larger projects.

Download The Pattern PDF

To download the PDF sheet which contains the cutting list and foundation pattern, just click the relevant button below.

Watch The Video

For more on how this particular pattern comes together, please do have a watch of this short video.

Share Your Creations!

Want to share your foundation paper piecing block success with others that enjoy this hobby too? Please feel free to join my dedicated Facebook group and pop your pictures there.

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Ok, that’s it for this one. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again tomorrow.

Best wishes,

John. x

5 thoughts on “Fun with Foundation Paper Piecing Part 2 – Free Pattern Available

  1. Im not in paper piecing but I love to see and hear you making something in your videos.
    Always great tips, I share them with my daughter who is a quilter and has done also some paper piecing. So from the both of us, thank you so much fo sharing, stay safe and have a great weekend.

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  2. Not getting the iron out till you press the whole block at the end is a good tip. I used one of those fiddly little Clover irons as I went along last time. It kept falling off its stand, and much Use of Rude Words ensued, especially when it melted the handles of my small scissors.
    Silvine layout pads – available from Amazon- are good for fpp. It’s 50gsm , like tracing oaper, 80 sheets a pad,easy to tear away afterwards. Cheaper than officially labled foundation paper too. Used to use the 45gsm ‘bank’ paper but since typewriters went out of fashion that’s not so easy to find.

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