A Return To The Garden – What A Mess!

With the warmer weather upon us (finally) and lockdown having drawn out longer than any of us had anticipated I have made time to disconnect from work and get back to a project that I started a wee while back.

I know, I know. I’ve been here a couple of years so why is this wall thing/garden area not finished yet? Pretty sure that the Great Wall of China will have taken less time to build.

Well, winter, for one. Work, for another. Both have kept me close to the fire.

Anyhoo, progress is being made!

If you are new here, check out the first this blog post, this blog post and this blog post too – they will give you an idea of how this project started and where it is going.

In brief, when I first moved in there was a giant wall that blocked a lot of the sun in that area so wanted to create a zen-zone to chill out in. Here area a couple of pics of where it all started two years ago…

Coming back to it this year has presented some additional challenges. For one, the earth that had been moved now has a mass of grass and weeds on it and the earth above the wall has slumped a bit.

Yeesh. That’s going to take some rotavating to get it to where it needs to be.

At least the massive pile of bricks has moved – not far, but it was moved.

I have also been removing the “decorative” stones from the edge of the current path as this is going to be relocated so that I don’t keep smashing my head on the low hanging gutter.

More recently, after I stopped getting overwhelmed by the whole thing I appear to have made lots of progress. At least that’s what my back is telling me – ouchie!

First I have been taking out extra bricks so that I can mitre in the new connecting wall that will form the base for the decking area. A small thing, but a problem solved.

I have also taken off all of the old cement that was left over from removing the header stones so that I have a reasonably level surface on which to lay the extra layers that will be going on.

Sadly I still haven’t managed to remove the stumpy bush root stock but hopefully this will be getting cut down to the ground, extra earth put on top and a growth control mat put on top so it shouldn’t be a problem – wish me luck!

The step that will form the base of the new steps has also been cleaned away as has the area that will be where the connecting wall joins the other two walls together.

So, in short, it’s still a ruddy great mess, as am I but at least progress has been made!

I have also been learning brick laying from YouTube and have collected together trowels, cement and other neccassary equipment so I am confident (more like wishful) that at least the base area where the decking will be going will be done by the end of July.

Maybe the whole thing will be finished by Autumn?! Lol, well, we will see.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little foray into the “behind the scenes” life of a middle aged designer with no real direction. Lol!

Any thoughts, comments and tips on garden construction are VERY welcome.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have another update for you next month.

In the meantime, do enjoy the crafty stuff that I have been uploading.

Bye for now.

J x

12 thoughts on “A Return To The Garden – What A Mess!

  1. Wow, my friend….how adventurous you are! I know by your card craft -after all the hard work, you will have your Zen space.Keep us posted, please on your adventure.
    Have a “help me” party, where everyone can help you out. And you can serve some good food.
    Then, at end, have them over again, too celebrate! Just a thought!
    You inspire me so much..tell yourself how good and eager you are, and it will go by faster! ;)
    Thanks from Cali


  2. John how lovely to be doing something so different from your crafting. U tube comes in so handy for learning new skills and I am sure you will be amazing at the brick laying. Glad you are using the old stones again, I love that, they have history. Thanks for the pics, it is great to be sharing the journey with you and look forward to the next instalment. XX

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  3. Oh my John, I can hardly believe it’s already two years ago that you attacked that wall (LOL)
    But you have made great progress and I know for sure that it will awesome when you are finished.
    If it’s possible to be finished ever in a garden, LOL but you know what I mean. And I know for sure that when you are finished you will sitting in your garden enjoying the sun overlooking your great work and will be proud of everything!
    Hope you have taken a hot shower or bath after your hard work, that’s great for your sore muscles, enjoy the rest of your day!

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  4. Looking good John and will be just as you imagined once completed. Looks of hard work, blood, sweat and tears but you will get there. Looking forward to seeing your updates. Love anything craft or gardening xx

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  5. John, I knew a John and Barbara Bloodworth who lived in Eynesbury, St Neots back in 1966. Wondered if they were any relation of yours.


  6. John, I take time to follow very few blogs, but yours is right at the top of the list. Being a card making crafty person myself, I love all of your posts, but most especially, your general chats, where you share a bit of your day to day life with us. Your gardening project is really coming along! I know what backbreaking work it is, as we recently moved and are creating new veggie and flower gardens. Keep up the good work, and visit with us as often as you can! I eagerly await each update!


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