A Bit Of A Catch Up

A Random Visit, The Garden and The Wall, Part 2.

Just a bit of random stuff today, if you’ve got a mo. A brew may come in handy. Oh, and a biccie or a cake would be nice.

Yep, it’s one of those posts. Just me, waffling about “stuff”. Hope you don’t mind.

Now, is it me or does this year seem to be zooming by, even though there isn’t much we can do outside of our homes except walk about a bit – but not for long and only for essentials etc etc.

Well, despite not being able to “do much” I seem to have been very busy over the last few weeks. The end of winter came and the clocks changed and all of a sudden there have been gloriously long sunshiney days to enjoy the garden in and, oh my, hasn’t nature been busy?!

Various pictures of my garden.

Things are popping up and out everywhere!

Even this weird thing …

An unusual and unidentified plant in the garden.

Even the wildlife have resurfaced with the deer making the garden a regular visit on their rounds.

A deer in a field.

Mind you, they don’t half make you plop yourself when you are shuffling around the garden and they suddenly bolt. Had to have a cup of tea after this one shot out from the hedge and vaulted the fence. Nimble!

Nimbler than me as by the time I had climbed onto the bench to get a better view, it had legged it to the top of the hill!

Anyhoo, remember that wall that I started smashing down? If not, check this blog post out. Well, I’ve actually made some progress recently – huzzah!

A brick wall, partly demolished.

It’s making a difference to this little bit of garden by letting in lots more sunshine.

A brick wall, partly demolished.

I am about halfway now. Still got to knock down the shorter bit on the right, remove that bed that’s got all the rubble on it and then create some wooden steps that will lead down to the “courtyard” – sounds posh, dunnit? Lol. Well, I don’t particularly enjoy mowing so graveled courtyard appeals to me.

Look forward to sharing the progress with you, about April 2022, lol!

Some of you have been asking about my little visitor – next door’s doggo – as I haven’t shared many pics of her lately. Well, to be truthful, she hasn’t been around much. Must have been the glum weather not inspiring her to do her rounds that lead past my door.

Anyhoo, with the better weather she seems to be spending more time outdoors and therefore, you can guess who’s been getting visits…

… well, she shows up when I’ve cooked bacon. So, yeah, perhaps it’s not me she comes to visit, lol!

Can you believe the picture top left? Silly moo snuck on the sofa, wanted her belly scratched and then cuddled up to my arm like I had nothing better to do than have a nap there and then.


Ok, maybe five mins.

You’ve probably seen the stuff I’ve been making if you follow me on social media and this blog but the thing that I was most proud of making this week was … a TIDY craft area!

My craft desk.

I know; it only lasted while I slept and then by 10am it was a bombsite again …

An untidy craft desk.

You know, looking at this, it’s not a bad life really, is it?

Right, anyhoo, back to reality – the dishes need doing.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I haven’t bored you to sleep – WAKE UP! Lol.

Take care and I’ll be back soon with more nonsense.

Bye for now.

J. x

35 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Catch Up

  1. If I am not greatly mistaken, that odd yellow flower is a Skunk Cabbage. Where I live in Southeast Alaska, the bears eat those central spikes every spring to get their digestion up and running after hibernation lol. I had no idea they were so widely distributed! Thanks for the peak into your life (and craft room and garden) – Abe

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  2. Lovely to catch up with what’s happening John. I’m glad the lovely weather has made it possible for you to continue with your wall & garden. And the fact your furry neighbour has decided to grace your home with her presence once again. So what if it was because the smell of bacon cooking brought her over! Little monkey. I’ve had a lot of cards to make for this month & a couple for May as well. I hope to have a chance to start on making a memory book to give to our eldest granddaughter to fill with photos of her baby girl who’s going to be a year old in June. Of course this being our first great grandchild. Where does time go? Anyways, almost time to take my furry girl out for an afternoon walk. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon John. X

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  3. Hi John thank you for sharing your life with us at this strange time. Looks so calming and peaceful there with this fantastic weather. Crafting is keeping me well occupied making rainbow butterflies and rainbows to give to local care homes to brighten up their residents lives.
    Keep telling how your new home is going
    Keep safe and sane xx

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  4. Hi John, Thanks for sharing your ‘going on’s ‘ makes a lovely read with a cuppa and choccie biccie. Lovely Garden and wildlife you have. For the ‘weird yellow thing’ look up: yellow arum skunk cabbage swamp lanterns. Take care for now and looking forward to your next ramblings x

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  5. Dear John,
    Thanks for sharing your home. It looks like a lovely place to live. A good place to see the wildlife. I did get close to a robin, some cows and horse during the week. I`m intrigued by the jewellery you are making. Looks interesting.

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  6. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Your garden looks stunning and doggo is gorgeous. I’ve been making a lot of card orders and even cleared the craft area. We are quite happy. Means I am off work. I can do all the hobbies I love and can relax. Love the slow down in life and nature is coming back. We are lucky to have a veranda that looks out over Glasgow and the surrounding hills. Nice to be able to get the camera out. Stay safe John x

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  7. Hi John. What a lovely place to live. Looks like you have great neighbours too. What a handsome dog. A tidy craft room too. I keep trying to tidy mine but I cant work out why it is that when I empty a box, sort it out and throw a load of stuff away I am still having trouble cramming the lid on! Take care of yourself and Stay Safe

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  8. Morning John,
    What a beautiful outside space you have, it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Your doggie friend looks lovely, she must love having you next door.
    I’m having another lazy day today. I have to make a birthday card for my mother in law to give to me next week!

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  9. Goodmorning John, I loved reading your post.
    A mug of coffee and your lovely chitchat made my saterday morning a happy morning.
    All the beautiful nature in your garden looks awesome and that wall reminds me of tons of bricks and stones we removed once out of the garden of our old house. But once done it’s so satisfying, the same with cleaning the craftroom. And with me it’s all the same, it’s only tidy when I am sleeping, LOL. But a messy craftroom is a buzy craftroom and than you can see that there is work in progress.
    Thank you so much for this great post, stay safe, cuddle your visitor from me and have a wonderful weekend.

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  10. Hi John, always good to catch up with friends. What a lovely place you live in, it certainly looks calm and peaceful. Your visitors got good taste you can’t beat the smell of cooked bacon or a bacon buttie yum yum. Keep safe and well John, although sometimes we have no control and things have a habit of biting us in the bum. Love hearing from you, take care x

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  11. Great to hear you in good spirits John. I’m sure the cuddly friend is making a big difference. Tell them anything and they keep your secrets too. Lovely looking round your piece of heaven. Keep talking and sharing with us. We are all in this together though some of us have more to cope with than others. It’s good to know there is someone or something we can share whatever with. A smile goes a long way in these strange days. Sending a big smile to you. Give a cuddle to the bacon guzzler from me too. Stay safe. Big hugs xxx

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  12. Glad you alright John, wall coming down amazingly, look forward to seeing it finished… 2022?….oh you will have it done sooner, craft room looked lovely, I’m so jealous, I’ve moved, half size now, oh boy, downsizing not good experience. Never again I like my well lived in look, cough, occasionally I see the table if I’m lucky. God bless and may animals continue to rain down and about, sunshine bathe you in her glory and your ideas an inspiration continue to flow lv n 🤗 🤗 🤗 Maria

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  13. Hi John
    I enjoy these random posts, thank you for sharing your home with us and I hope you are keeping well. I envy you your garden, well, I actually envy anybody who has a bit of outside space, even if it’s just a balcony. I have no outside space at all and right now with this coronavirus thingy doing the rounds I am stuck inside and it doesn’t help with the Black Dog, if you know what I mean. Why oh why could this virus not have happened over the winter?
    Anyway, stay safe

    Lou xx

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  14. Thanks for update, well done on the gardening. Love your visitors too. Wow! a tidy craft room, pleased it didn’t last long- a tidy craftroom is an unused one!! I’m in process of sorting out mine, 1 more shelf to go! But it still don’t look as good as yours!! I’ve been doing it for over a week & now I’ve gotta stop coz I’ve got cards to make!!

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  15. Lovely to see the garden blooming and your efforts at demolishing the wall going well. I love nosing at other peoples gardens. Gorgeous dog love the blanket it’s laying on did you make it John. Lovely tidy work space even if only for a night, you are always busy crafting so understandable. Have a great day whatever you do take care. It’s overcast here at present.

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