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2021 Brother Scan N Cut Product Release Round Up …

New Stuff for the Scan N Cut …

Well, it’s that time of year again when Brother releases it’s product line up for the coming year and the email popped into my inbox yesterday …

Information right now appears to be pretty slim. In fact, emails, online info etc are only being released from US sources and so I am unclear if/when any of these things will arrive in the UK.

If I am honest though, the new releases aren’t something to write home about. I am however hoping that one feature of one of the products gets rolled out to Canvas Workspace, but more on that later.

First, a quick rundown on what’s already here.

Software Update!? Yes, but one you can probably skip.

Well, an update to the machines [DX only] and Canvas Workspace [both versions – but not the same … confusing!!!] has already happened overnight.

The updates relate to each other and are mostly about bulk downloads of pattern collections.

If you have activated any pattern collection via Canvas Workspace you will likely have found it a pain to download or transfer designs one by one. This has now been addressed and you can now download all of the patterns in one go to your computer.

You will then need to unzip the folder and transfer the designs to a USB. After this point it will depend on which model of the machine you have as to what happens next.

CM users there has been no software update on the machine so you will access these via the “Saved Data”/”USB” option.

DX users, your machines have had a software update that gives you a new menu option on the home screen called “My Collection”.

In both instances a USB needs to be used.

Other updates to Canvas Workspace include:

Improved Weeding Box function.
Added Tiling function.
Added Registration Mark.

These last three will only appear/apply once the kit that they are relevant to is purchased and activated.

I will be updating my online Scan N Cut course in the near future to show these updates/features in their entirety.

I was hoping to tell you more but there we are, that’s all there was.

Now, what’s coming in the 2021 product release line up?

New Machines!? No, no need to get excited/angry. They aren’t.

Brother did note a couple of “new” releases of the Scan N Cut DX machine however don’t panic, there is a BIG difference between new release and new machine – these releases are simply a limited edition Disney DX and an alternate DX bundle that will include a “new” fabric mat – more on that in a mo – and some fabric. Neither have had any mechanical or software updates or upgrades.

From what I have read in the scant release information it all boils down to “same machine, different decals or box or accessory bundle”. Much like the SDX2200D – not new, not upgraded, just different looking.

New Accessories!? Yes, yes there are. Bit random though.

I was a little surprised to read the new accessory line up this time around as they didn’t really seem to build on last years exciting releases nor tackle any major design challenge or fill a gap that was lacking.

New Fabric Mat

First up, a fabric cutting mat. I hesitate to call this new as I was unable to find any information that outlined how this differed from other mats currently available.

Brother did say on one website that it is ‘specifically designed to work with quilting fabric that does not have any backing’ – but then, so was the standard mat with the addition of a high-tak support sheet.

Sure it was a bit of a pain but we got by with our creative ingenuity.

Anyway, it’s less than 24 hours since release information has been circulating so hopefully more information will arise over the coming weeks before these items hit the stores to help understand the value in this one and I will therefore reserve judgement until this comes through or I get to try one.

Still, points for trying.

Source: Brother USA – Email and New Fabric Mat Webpage 06/08/2020

New Vinyl Blade / Kit

Ok, so, the existing blades were bad at vinyl? Not in my experience.

Still, I guess someone somewhere must have thought so because there is now a blade and blade holder specifically for cutting vinyl.

Source: Brother USA – Email and Vinyl Blade Kit Webpage 06/08/2020

New Adobe Illustrator Link

So, imagine you’re a professional like me – humble brag – and you use Adobe Illustrator a lot to do your designing but to test a design you have to export as an SVG and then transfer that design to your machine via USB or Canvas Workspace.

Well, this link will install a specific Scan N Cut menu in Illustrator. A “bridge”, if you will.

For non-professionals that don’t want to pay a few hundred quid a year for Illustrator and were quite happy with Canvas Workspace, it’s the least exciting thing ever.

Source: Brother USA – Email and Adobe Illustator Link Webpage 06/08/2020

There are a few other design collections coming too but mostly more Disney.

Ok, well, there we go.

Hope that helps you feel informed.

Much love.

J :)

16 thoughts on “2021 Brother Scan N Cut Product Release Round Up …

  1. Hi John , Paul from France here. Did i hear correctly they were bringing in a rotary blade for the new fabric mat, cant find the post or video where i thought i heard it, May flaman post probably or the brother sews you tube post. Hope you are keeping well

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  2. Have had the CM550 for a good few years but it packed up, today; the cable connecting the screen to the board is supposedly not receiving power. Hope to have it fixed. John. would the SDX1200 be a logical upgrade or is there is a better, later model, please.

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  3. About a week ago I purchased the DX 225 Scan N Cut Machine. I am a card maker and have already enjoyed cutting out several small designs. The Scan N Cut machine is new to me and I see that you have a several hour teaching tutorial for about $19.00. I believe this tutorial was done in 2015. Do you have anything more recent? Do you think these lessons would cover what I would need to know using my DX 225? I work in Corel Draw and saw a lot of what you do on the canvas, are things that I know to do in Corel Draw. I watched a couple of your YouTube videos today and was absolutely amazed. There’s so much I can learn. thank you for any help or assistance you can be on this. Stay safe.

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    • Hi Pat.
      The course is a total of 14.5 hours and although launched two years ago (2018, not 2015), has been updated regularly to keep up with changes and updates to the machines and software.
      As the course is intended to teach the use of the Brother branded range of machines and accessories I do not cover Corel Draw. You may find a separate course by someone else for that though.
      Hope this helps.


      • John thank you so much for getting back to me. I really look forward to your course. I have a lot to learn, both on the technical end and also how the Scan N Cut works. I’m very excited though. I did a software update tonight on my Scan N Cut (model SDX-225 – floor model – purchased used last week from a local dealer). The version was Ver1.41 and now is Ver1.51. I believe this is correct according to the website.

        I have a question, why does your first video about loading the most current software show Ver2.33 > V2.34? My update shows Ver1.51? Is mine correct?

        Thank you again John. Have a great week and stay safe.


  4. Thanks John for the update. Unfortunately they incorrectly addressed my machine so I have no idea where it is or when l may get it but I am still doing your course which is amazing by the way. Thanks again 😁

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  5. Thank you, John, I couldn’t seem to find clear information anywhere else. Disappointing for me, though. I have a big birthday coming up in October which involves a pension kicking in and I had thought to treat myself to the latest Scan’n’Cut at that time. I had assumed that there would be an all new singing and dancing version by then but, to be honest, I can’t get too excited about the upgrade to the DX1200 which seems to have had mat-loading problems and, although the DX2200 seems to have resolved that, I can’t really justify the change from my CM900. It does seem like it’ll be a long wait for the next one though……..decisions, decisions.

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    • Clare, I have had a 1200 for over 12 months and, having followed the instructions, not had a single loading issue with the mats. Nor have I seen any credible evidence that there was an actual issue with the machine itself.
      Also, I have not been to locate ANY credible or definitive information that the 2200 is anything other than a 1200 with a different appearance – disney branding – hence it was announced and advertised as a limited edition model rather than an upgraded model.
      If operated correctly, both the 1200 and 2200 will give you all the features of the DX range.
      The choice between the two is down to the pre-loaded content, rather than them being different machines.
      Hope this helps with your decision making.


      • Thanks, John, that’s really useful. Think I’ll just keep an eye out for offers until I can’t resist any more. Shouldn’t take long!

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  6. Hi John

    Not massively surprising but I fully accept that for users/ fans of the CM/ DX range that release news is something to really look forward to.

    Hope everyone is keeping well. Stay hydrated and covered up/ sunscreen tomorrow onwards… or stay in a cool room and craft (& still keep hydrated!). Whatever you do have a great weekend.

    T x

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