30 Days Of Card Making 30

Day 30 – 30 Days Of Card Making

Made it to the end – woo hooooo! Today’s sentiment isn’t necessarily one for the front of a card but it certainly encapsulates my gratitude for all of those of you who have taken the time to leave a comment and keep “us” motivated during this challenge.

Regular readers of this blog will know why I am doing this mini challenge in order to reunite my mojo with my craft space. To follow the full journey, you can find all related post in the 30 Days Of Card Making archive.

Ok, on with today’s creation.

30 Days Of Card Making Featured Image 30

Not a lot to describe as it’s a fairly simple concoction so let me just say that the sentiment stamp is from Visible Image and it was stamped with dye ink to coordinate with the colour of the swashes and foliage.

The floral parts were cut from ink “smeared” cardstock.

The rest is down to glue and self-adhesive foam sheet.

Actually well chuffed with this one and proud of mojo and craft space for not only showing up during the last 30 days but for pulling it out of the bag every single day. I couldn’t have done it without their cooperation.

Well, there we go, the “Just effing do it” method does work! Well, at least for “us” it did. Worth a try if you find yourself with missing mojo.

Thank you to everyone that has kept me company on this challenge. Your kind words have really been a brilliant motivator and I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to leave that feedback. I may not have replied to every single one but did read every last one and also hit the like star.

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed this series of posts. Perhaps in a couple of months I can create one that you can all take part in too. Would that be something that would be of interest? Not sure where the heck we’d all share our pics at the mo so I’ll have to have a look into that.

Now, “we” haven’t cleared up after ourselves over the last 30 days so I hope that mojo and craft space are going to help me have a “little tidy up” …

An image of a messy craft room.

… oh, they’ve gone.

Looks like that will be my job for the next 30 days – LOL!

Much love,

J x.


19 thoughts on “30 Days Of Card Making 30

  1. Whoop whoop yay :) you made it till the end, well done. Lovely card to end with and oh do not envy that tidying up one bit. Look forward to your next endeavour for now though take it easy and don’t over cook yourself, Take care x

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  2. Wow what a mess you’ve made the three of you. Looks rather like my space. I have really enjoyed this project. Thank you so much, and I would love to join in with a craft along if you get one up and running.
    I love this card, a fabulous sentiment.
    Stay well and safe
    Sioux x

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  3. Another gorgeous card to end your challenge on, John! Well done to you, craft space and mojo for giving us all so much inspiration over the last few weeks – you all deserve a huge pat on the back, not to mention a few days off to recover (tidying crafty corner can wait)! I hope to try out some of your techniques over he next few weeks, once I finish the mini scrapbook I’m making to send to the animal charity I adopted my wee dog from. I got him last October, and thought it would be nice to send them something to let them see how well he’s settled in. It also lets me combine my two favourite things in life … my animals, and crafting!

    Thank you again for all the inspiration and giggles, and hopefully I’ll be able to craft along with you in a couple of months.

    Take care! x

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  4. THANK-YOU JOHN, for your beautiful cards and making me laugh along the way. Would like to join in with the next one ,only hope my it skills will enable me to do that. Tidying the craft table well thats another challenge good luck and enjoy some time for you.

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  5. Beautiful John. I think the 3 of you did exceptionally well over the 30 days. An inspiration for us all every day. Some wonderful techniques and gorgeous colours. If you do manage to work out where and how we could load our pics, I would certainly be interested in a joint challenge, I think it would be amazing fun.
    Don’t worry too much about your table mine looks like that all the time lol

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  6. I love this card, the colours are amazing and the sentiment too. I think this is my favourite of the 30!
    Tidy up? … that’s what my craft desk looks like when it IS tidy!
    💕 Clare x

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  7. Another lovely card. I know that you are not but I am sorry you have got to the end. Your lovely cards were my first port of call when I opened my emails every day. never mind tidying up. Maybe you could have a little rest and enjoy the company of your doggy friend. I would love to join in a challenge. Take care xx

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  8. A lovely card John and like the sentiment. Would love a craft along sometime. I went on one of your workshops once and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

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  9. Brilliant sentiment to end on John! Although I haven’t been commenting I have been following your journey every day and so pleased that mojo and craft space turned up for you.
    They deserve a little rest now, it’s not easy to always craft everyday. I have days when my head is full of ideas but just don’t get anything physically made so just sit and create in my head.

    Have loved all the cards you have made and you’ve motivated me to make a couple of easier cards which have been great fun. Thank you for doing what you have, blogging everyday was another challenge lol…would love to join in a craft-a-long if you get to do them sometime, I find them very motivational. Enjoy your weekend there’s no hurry to tidy up 😍

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  10. Hi John. Thanks for the inspiration and laughs during your 30 day challenge. You have made some great cards between you, and its amazing what can be achieved when everyone pulls together (such a shame that mojo and craftspace have done a runner and left you to clear up). Thanks once again for the inspiration and for reminding us that cardmaking doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect, and just to go with the flow and see where it takes us. Kath x

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  11. A great card to end the challenge John. I have enjoyed going on the journey with you, mojo & craft space.

    Joining in to create something with you in a couple of months sounds like a great idea.

    Enjoy some me time for a little while 🌝🌞 xx

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  12. Fabulous last card John! Like the others have been, classy, stylish and beautifully put together! Colour combos, sentiments, techniques and design have all been inspirational.Well done you and thank you! You have given me ideas, a laugh and maybe even the kick up the proverbial I need to just effing do it too. Maybe my mojo and craft space will join me again too. Hope you can get yours back to help tidy that room! Lots of love and thanks again! Wx

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  13. Hi john another fabbie card, ur so Inspirational. You have been amazing n I’m glad mojo behaved mine can b naughty too…..thank u again john look forward to the next challenge we can all set. Maria xxx

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  14. Absolutely spot on John have enjoyed watching you and your mojo get back together enjot your tidy up you will get more ideas doing, I do and then I don’t get tidied up for another couple of days. X

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  15. Yet another beautiful card to end your challenge John. I have personally found all your makes very inspiring and I will definitely be giving some of the techniques a try in the coming weeks. Thank you for all your efforts, they are very much appreciated. X

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  16. Gorgeous final card John. I love the colours, simplicity and sentiment. I have to thank you for completing your challenge and not only entertaining me with your blog posts and wit, but also for sharing so many beautiful cards that have inspired me to make some of my own. I did begin to do the same challenge but health issues got in the way. I would love to join in if you decide to do another challenge, but don’t do social media so may have to just craft along without sharing the pics. Give yourself, mojo and craft space a big pat on the back. Enjoy your tidy up, hopefully it won’t take too long xx Hazel

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