30 Days Of Card Making Featured Image 9

30 Days Of Card Making 9

Day 9 – 30 Days Of Card Making

Got a bit carried away with today’s mojo/craft stash playtime. Fancy a look?

Regular readers of this blog will know why I am doing this mini challenge in order to reunite my mojo with my craft space. To follow the full journey, you can find all related post in the 30 Days Of Card Making archive.

Ok, on with today’s creation.

Blam! A lot going on there. Let’s break it down.

The background involved using dye inks to dab the card into, setting each application with the heat tool. Looks a bit tie-dye-ee. On top of this some bubble wrap was used to press some mod podge on and a piece of hot-foil was laid over this and the Mod Podge allowed to dry – then peeled off. What an awesome result!

Deserved a close up.

“We” loved it so much that we used a similar piece on a second piece of card stock, this time using a translucent hot-foil. This was then die cut to give the flowers.

I am sure that you can figure out the rest – stamped sentiment; die-cut foliage.


Ok, there we are, day 9 complete! Phew!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for reading today’s progress. Hope you will join me tomorrow to see how mojo, craft space and I get on with your journey.

Much love,

J x.


30 thoughts on “30 Days Of Card Making 9

  1. Are you sure your mojo went on walkabout! will have to try the background out, craft room spread out over two rooms as tidying in progress- hubby not impressed!

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  2. Stunning card John, think there may be pinching coming from this one, I love it! The sentiment is lovely and could certainly cheer someone up in the current climate. xx

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  3. This is my favourite so far. Would like more detail of how you created the background, I’ve never tried mixed media and I’m not sure what you mean by ‘die inks’. Do you mean the inks used in stamping? Whatever, it’s lovely, thank you.

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  4. Beautiful card John. Love the sentiment. My Mojo is starting to peek around the door in my Craft Room. I have been trying to tidy my craft room while my mojo has gone ‘tatts’ and I am sure I caught a glimpse of it . xx

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  5. Gorgeous colours, John you have really pulled everything out the bag for this one. Love the sentiment. Loving this series for July some hot cards in there xx Hazel

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  6. Loved every card you have done so far. The sentiment really says what to say to you! You really makes me feel that I could make a similar card. Thank´s again!

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  7. You are so good John that I will make a card with a copy of your card for a very special granddaughter. It looks like you created it just for her.
    I absolutely love the card.its so beautiful. You sure like you have ESP.
    Thanks so much

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  8. WOW John I love this! The colours are perfect and the sentiment is just right. Off to my craft room to have a go straight away. Think mojo and craft space definitely back in action!

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  9. This is great John! Yet another masterpiece! My Mojo appears to have moved out, still plenty of (too much) stash. Just hope I can get Mojo to come back as I need to start Christmas soon! Stay safe – best wishes to all 3 of you!

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