NESNA Ikea Bedside Table Makeover

Ok, I hope you aren’t panicking too much.

If it helps, I’ve already done all of the nail biting, heavy breathing, heart racing and nervous sweating for all of us so maybe just have a sip of your drink, take a couple of breaths and then read on.

As mentioned, first job, mix the resin.

For some reason, I decided not to do the math that would have given me the right amount to use but instead just decided that as along as I had 1 Litre of mixed resin/hardener that it “looks about right”.

Next, separate into smaller cups and mix in additives – which were, by the way, some liquid pigment, mermaid glitter and silver flakes which I chucked directly on the glass instead of mixing in.

Time to pour – eeeek!

On with a “tiny” blob of some clear to start. Then some of the blue pigmented resin.

It’s like funky honey!

FYI, yes, I did change my entire plan in order to work on the back of the glass.

Next, some of the glittery stuff and a little clear.

Repeat, until all of the mixed stuff had been used up. Then, a bit of fiddling with a plastic straw – to draw out the design a bit.

I then used the heat tool REALLY quickly and REALLY gently to pop whatever bubbles I could see and then covered the top so that no dust “n” stuff got at it.

Now, full disclosure. I did NOT work on the top of the glass, I did NOT work in a warm room and I did NOT pour a thin layer so I was now basically relying on the fingers-crossed part of the plan. Eeek!

I waited … and waited … and ate some snacks, well, who doesn’t when they are nervous … and waited.

I waited for 24 LONG hours.

Until finally …. ta-daaaaa!


Now, you may have spotted/noticed some little bits of blue around the upper edges.

My failure to block up the gap at the edge of the glass ALMOST led to a whole litre of resin pouring through and sticking one table to another.

Thankfully the painters tape that I used to mask of the painting held fast and only a little seepage happened.

Another BIG phew!

Anyhoo, for a random guess work kinda project, it turned out Ok. Here’s a couple of more pictures.

Kinda swirly, kinda sea-sidey. S’nice. All joking apart, I might get me a couple of these tables now, LOL!

Oh, by the way, I did tidy up the seep-age before I handed the table back to the neighbours who liked it very much.

Ok, anyhoo, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Hope you’ve enjoyed that little journey with me.

What about you? Have you been trying resin art or casting at all lately? It seems to have been a bit of a thing among the people what go on the internet. Is this something that you would have been brave enough to try? Is it now after seeing me muck it all up but still come out with something half decent?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

24 thoughts on “NESNA Ikea Bedside Table Makeover

  1. That came out nice! Is the glass still there? I have a table that needs glass but I want to fill it with resin in different layers and then have resin be the final layer.

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  2. I love blue & the beach, so I absolutely love this. I have not tried resin. Would it work over acrylic (Perspex, clear plastic, sorry I am not sure what it might be called in the uk), do you think, as this would make me less nervous than glass.

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  3. Wow John, what a result you got!!! It’s brilliant, not surprised your neighbours were pleased with it. Love the colour and all the sparkly bits too. Not tried resin, would I? YES I definitely would, I am a bit of a risk taker lol…if you don’t try, you never know is my motto!! Would love to see how something like this turned out. Right, now to find something I can revamp with resin 😃 I’ve revamped an old cork board this week for die storage, used Nuvo mousse and gesso and really over the moon with the result 😍 happy days xx

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  4. Have I been trying “a Bit” of resin?!! Its all your fault John ha ha! The table looks brilliant and you’ve given me another idea. Wxx

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  5. Hi John, I think the table looks beautiful, well done. I would not have the nerves to do it to someone elses table, but perhaps try on an old table I have. I love the way you can see the floor colouring through the middle of you design, it will make the table fit in anywhere.
    Maybe the glass used in the table is toughened glass as opposed to just a decorative glass. My huband sat on his Mom’s glass table, and of course he went through it.Only the table was damaged thank goodness.
    Great demo John
    Love and Light
    Sioux x

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  6. Stunning result John, sometimes you just have to go for it. I hope you are very very very proud of it and yourself. You have inspired me to look into resin work now xx Hazel

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  7. Wow. How fabulous it looks. Not sure I would be brave enough to attempt anything as big as that. I’m still to take the resin plunge – but on much smaller creations. Thank you for sharing John and inspiring me to have a go.

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