Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – “More Hugs”

Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – “More Hugs”

Ok, turns out the hugs that I sent last time weren’t enough so, here is another one, just for you. No, the lady on the right. Ugh, Ok, everyone gets one.

Today’s creation uses the Hugs cut, foil and emboss sentiment die from Couture Creations.

Starting with the background, as has become the norm with this series of posts, I used a patterned paper – of which I had several sheets – and fussy cut the bird – in a DIY découpage kinda way.

This was then used to layer up onto part of the sheet that I had already mat/layered onto the front of an A6 card.

I also added a die cut circle of black cardstock against which the sentiment would sit.

The sentiment was cut from various coordinating tones of cardstock and glued together with a slight offset. The top layer was coloured in with a gold gel pen to give it some oomph!

A few adhesive gems, including one that made the bird look a bit ominous and crazy were used to finish the design.

In hindsight, I am not entirely sure what a hug from a bird would be like. Probably all feathers and no love but hey, a hug is a hug, right?

Hope you enjoyed this little overview. If you would like to see more of my design team explorations for Couture Creations, you can visit the archive here.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Couture Creations Design Team Badge.

5 thoughts on “Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – “More Hugs”

  1. Budgie hugs are the best. They rub their little heads on your face and then snuggle into your neck. Whilst there they give the ultimate token of their affection – they preen you! Mine does my hair and then tries to do something with my wayward eyebrows!! So yep, bird hugs rule! And I sound crazy!

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