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Scan N Cut Saturday – Spread The Word, Make Some Money

Spread The Word and Make Some Money – Easy!

This week I have put in place a way to send a little thank you for spreading the word about my Scan N Cut course on Udemy. A simple way for you to make some pocket money for sending folk on over.

As you know I am quite proud of my course and the positive reviews keep on rolling in, as do new students. In part, that’s thanks to some of you that have kindly shared my ramblings over the months.

I wanted to put in place a way of saying thank you therefore and so I have put the course into Udemys affiliate program.

So, how can you make some money by recommending the course?

Simple, join the Udemy affiliate program and then paste your unique links on your blog or social media pages. You will then earn money for all valid purchases!

Your links can even be used during promotions or special offers. That’s always a great time to spread the word.


Just head over to the Udemy website now to find out more.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

2 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Spread The Word, Make Some Money

  1. Following the course myself and am love, love, loving the straight forward tutorials and instructions


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