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Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – More “Love”

Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – More “Love”

You want some love? Well here’s some very colourful and spectacularly 60s inspired love!

Today’s creation uses the Love cut, foil and emboss sentiment die from Couture Creations.

Upon raiding the card stash lately I came across a couple of striped and spotted colourful sheets that I had been saving for a “rainy” day and thought, these need some love.

It’s a shamelessly tenuous link, but it really happened!

Anyhoo, the usual matting’layering happened and then I remembered a cool die that I had had for a while that featured a rosette made up of various parts so I chopped, cropped and layered until I had enough “stuff” to shove on the front of the card.

Even the little hearts and stars came from the die set.

I’m sure that you are going to ask me where I got it or who made it but sadly my die storage has not involved labelling stuff up to this point and my memory is shocking lately so let me say this – I THINK that I got it as a freebie from the front of a magazine.

But don’t quote me on that.

For the sentiment I die cut rather a lot of coloured layers, with the top one being cut using the inked letterpress technique that I have shared with you before.

These were glued together in stacked fashion – much like my double triple chins are starting to be during lockdown – and the resulting group was fixed to the rosette using foam pads.

A whole lot of love, from a whole lot of card. Literally.

Still, at least that’s some of the stash used up. :)

Hope you enjoyed this little overview. If you would like to see more of my design team explorations for Couture Creations, you can visit the archive here.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Couture Creations Design Team Badge.

7 thoughts on “Creative Ideas With Couture Creations – More “Love”

  1. Gorgeous card John. I think it would look great in a box frame so that’s my next project sorted! Thanks as always, keep safe everyone

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just danced boogie on the floor, exercise you know, and then you just put up the cutest card, so now the day is off to a good start


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