A Different Kind Of Resin, Just For You

October 28, 2019 — 9 Comments

Upon returning to the mold it was interesting to see how, during the curing, the large glitter flakes had all contracted towards the centre of the project. An unexpected bonus for sure.

Now, time for the second layer so I am going to need the black pigment powder and an alternate glitter colour.

Oh, hang on a mo while I get some scuba diving gear and rescue the chest from the bottom of the ocean.

Oof, I’m back! That was exhausting.

After unchaining the chest and dragging out the glittery goodies I choose a little some large glitter flakes and sprinkled those on the cured layer.

Having mix up a new batch of resin, same measures as before, I noticed that it was quite ‘stodgey’. I assumed that this was because I was working in a cold home – I hadn’t lit the fire yet.

So, I popped it into a warm bath of water.

This changes the viscosity of the liquid and makes it runnier and much easier to pour.

I popped in a quarter teaspoon of the black pigment powder and mixed it up.

Then, I poured the whole lot into the mold. This brought the level up to just below the lip of the mold.

Lot of bubbles though so I used the blow torch to pop these again.

The heat of the water and the heat of the torch meant the the pigment powder was well mixed and spread well.

I left this to cure for a while.

FYI, because of the cold temperatures, I did have to leave this to cure for a little longer than the suggested timescales so if you find that your project hasn’t quite set when expected, just leave it a little longer.

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9 responses to A Different Kind Of Resin, Just For You


    Hi John. Can this resin be used to topcoat an acrylic pour. ? Thanks. Gloria. X



    This is my favourite so far John. I’m not even a ‘pink’ person normally but I love it! It’s amazing how the pink resin has got such texture but it’s under a smooth surface – yum! Oh, I love the balls too, gorgeous colour! Would it be too naughty of me to say it’s a good job they don’t have the same apparent texture as the coaster? Oops, said it now. I hope I haven’t offended anyone :o) Clare x

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    Great tutorial John and yes I did have a bit of a laugh regarding your ‘left over bits’.
    Karen x

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    Oh my goodness!!! Here I am, making Christmas cards withone hand and trying to do a bit of decluttering with the other every time I set foot in my workroom, and you go and give us a New Craft….
    Ok, once the resin is cured, could you use it for a cheese board or similar – obviously not the pink one, but I’m thinking possible present ideas?

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    Hi John. Awesome piece of work and thanks for the detailed instructions. Kath x

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    Beautiful John xx Hazel


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