Craft Stash Giveaway 1

It’s giveaway time! In fact, it’s a series of giveaways each and every week until I’ve got shot of a bunch of my Craft Stash.

Why am I doing this and what can you win? Read on to find out more!

I am trying to reduce my Craft Stash but hate the thought of something brand new and unused going into the bin – such a waste!

So, I thought it would be ace to offer it up as an exciting opportunity for others to win it!

What do I have to giveaway this week?

One Vitrail Discovery set containing 12 x 20ml pots. Brand new, worth almost £20. Surplus to requirements – I’ve got at least two sets of these – and it could be yours!

It can be used for glass painting and mixed media. There’s much more info on the Pebeo website if you want to take a look.

In the meantime, on with the giveaway.

Ok, so, here is what you have to do.

Comment on this blog post below. Not on Facetwit or anywhere else, just here. It can be anything. The comment itself doesn’t count for anything other than me being nosy – and you registering an interest in winning this week’s goody – so feel free to tell me what the weather is like where you are, what you are having for dinner, a funny story about the cat/dog or hamster; basically, just pop a comment below so that I know you are interested and, next Tuesday I will draw a name at random from those that have commented and that person will get the item featured above.


– Prizes will be posted to addresses in the United Kingdom only.
– A signature will be required upon delivery.
– No cash alternatives, because I spent all of my cash on the stuff that I am giving away.
– Any items containing blades/glues etc can only be sent to folk that are over 18, because that’s the law.
– Only comments made on this blog post will count.

Oh, and hey, if you fancy sharing this post with some of your artsy craftsy chums, that would also be very much appreciated.

Right, time I was up and at it. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Bye for now.
J :) x

64 thoughts on “Craft Stash Giveaway 1

  1. I have had my eye on these a while. I would use them in my mixed media art to build up layers. Thank you for sharing your stash xoxo


  2. Hi I am Tjode from the US, I love your notes in my inbox every, the ones of you move and the pictures were so beautiful. My fathers family are Scotch/Irish but I have never gotten to make the trip to our homeland yet, but must come to see the beautiful country side. My flowers are pretty well gone for the year now, but next year, I’ll send you pics. Would love to try the products you have listed to give away. I love learning new tricks.
    Have an awesome day,


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  3. Hi John. My name is Steve and I am from Hull. I have enjoyed crafting ever since I first met my wife (obviously she wasn’t my wife then). Hope you and your family are ok, and keep up the good work. Thanks.

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  4. Oh John…so cruel of you to offer this. Why? Because I am a craft stash junkie…and now I have the shakes on for this!

    Seriously though, so kind to put this up for grabs! I’ve never glass painted, but so willing to have a go..Thank You!

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  5. Don’t know if you all got thunder on Tues but I had my two greatgrandkids visiting aged 2 and 5. To stop them worrying I told them an elephant had fallen out of bed lol. Little George is well into crafting, he can use air-dry clay, die cut and do Crystal art. Not bad for 5. Bye for now xxxx

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  6. Hi, what a great prize. I’m having a bit of a rough time at the minute with some nasty tests for cancer so my depression is really bad, when it’s bad I burn my arms and hands as a way of forgetting for a while.
    I try to do lots of crafts but at the moment I can’t find it in me to do much..
    On a brighter note myself and my son were chased round the kitchen the other day by a knife wielding collie puppy xxx

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  7. Ooh free n craft in the same sentence!!!!
    Hope putting together your new craft storage hasn’t got you falling down the rabbit hole of ‘whooo I can make some files to fit that space n some boxes there n if I just get…’ siiiiigh who am I kidding? Of course it leads to more making and buying : )
    Take care

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  8. What a great thing to do.
    Weather in Lowestoft not too bad. Alot cooler than last week im not melting into the realms of hell.
    And can actually be at a temperature that is comfortable to do any crafting.
    Have a great day you crafty peoples xx

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  9. Would be great to win, but whoever wins enjoy and ta te ta John for giving someone the chance to win and play with a product I’ve never heard of or tried.

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  10. What a generous thing to do :) I’ve just cleared out a load of things from my craft stash as well. Nice to have the space back – so I can fill it with more craft stash! Lol. C xx

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