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Three New Sections Added To The Scan N Cut Online Course

Proud to say that I have managed to add three new sections to the online Scan N Cut course this month.

The three sections that have been added cover the Stamp Starter Kit, The Rhinestone Starter Kit and the Foil Transfer Kit.

If you don’t already have these kits and would like to get them, you can source them from any Scan N Cut accessory retailer or, of course, Create and Craft TV in the UK.

The growing online series of lectures was launched in August 2018 over on the Udemy website and has been a best seller since then.

It now boasts students from over 30 countries and I am also really proud to say that 95% of those people that kindly chose to leave a review rated the course at 4* or above!

Brother Scan N Cut Online Workshop

The course starts at the very beginning and brings you up to speed with the three key functions of the Brother Scan N Cut CM series of home hobby cutting machines which includes scanning, cutting and drawing.

If you would like to know more or sign up, please head over to www.udemy.com

Anyhoo, back to the original point – the accessory kits.

The results of each kit were impressive and expand the creative potential of the Brother Scan N Cut too.

Here is the finished piece that I make in the video for the Rhinestone Kit.

The stamp starter kit was an interesting one to work with as it will allow you to create a range of tools – so a tool that makes tools – that’s cool!

The foiling kit offers a way for Scan N Cut owners to create foiled designs using any of the bonus patterns or with your own custom patterns. A block fill can be applied or you can work with just outlines so, for that luxury look, the Scan N Cut has it covered too.

Right, that’s it for this one. I appreciate the fact that you have read to the end of this post – please accept a cookie for your efforts!

I’ll have more to add to this course in the coming weeks so do make sure that you check it out.

Thanks again and I will see you again soon.

Bye for now.

J :)

3 thoughts on “Three New Sections Added To The Scan N Cut Online Course

  1. Hi John, thank you for these instructions. I’m sure that they will help a lot with using the S&C. I bought your course from Udemy a while back now. I found it very very helpful. Now how do I add these instruct to your pre bought course please? Is it possible to do that or not? I look forward to your reply. Thank you for all the inspiration, help and advice that you so generously give. xx

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