Johns Journal Big Fat Steaming Brew

Big Fat Steaming Brew

A little something different in this post. I’ve been admiring journals and journalling for a while. The mixed media techniques, the thoughts and sentiments that make it into every creative page.

So, I decided to start John’s Journal.

This being the first, will likely not be the same as the fifty-first.

To start off with though I have created a journal by buying one. Lol. No seriously, it was just a large notepad with a lovely soft cover so I decided that this would be ‘the’ one.

The pages were a little flimsy as it’s only a budget jotter so I doubled up the pages and glued them together. Much better. Even the glue adds to the stability and resistance of the surface.

I did discover one handy idea that I thought might be useful if you are just starting out too. That is to place something behind the pages that you are working on. A thin backing sheet or a bit of cling film. This will stop all of the mess you will make from seeping and spreading through the rest of the journal.

Now, I guess that the first page would need some form of theme. As you well know, I have had some rocky moments lately but I didn’t really want to start the journal with those. I wanted something that the second I opened the book, would remind me that there is good in the world.

I sat and pondered over a freshly brewed cup of steaming tea and read through some of your comments on Facebook about whether you prefer bags or loose leaf and then I realised that quite simply the theme was staring me right in the face!

Time to break out some ‘stuff’.

Now, don’t ask me why I chose what I chose but I started at the start and just went with it.

Eventually I ended up with …

Johns Journal Big Fat Steaming Brew (1)

… that!

Actually quite happy with this. So BRIGHT and full of impact. That’s NEVER going to fail to do what it was intended to do now is it? LOL.

Ok, listen, I genuinely have forgotten the order in which I did what I did as this was a little ‘me’ time each day so I didn’t bother noting things down. Hope you don’t mind.

What I can tell you is this.

  1. I did apply a coat of gesso to the pages before starting.
  2. I used a Pebeo modelling paste and a teacup stencil to start the side bits. Cut out cardstock was added later.
  3. All of the paints and paint markers used were from Pebeo.
  4. The stencils were from various places including TCW, Tim Holtz and a random metal one.
  5. I maybe should have planned a layout before I started.
  6. The lettering was initially added using printouts from the computer; I may now look like a professional ransom note writer!
  7. I drank a LOT of tea during the making of this.

Ok, that’s about all I can think of at this time. ‘Ere, let me show you a few more photos and then, if you’ve got any questions, you can pop them in the comments section below; deal?

Great! :)

Ok, that’s this one done. Not sure when the next one will be as, like I said, it’s a bit of ‘me’ time so I work it in around the other stuff that pays the bills. Hehe.

Thanks for reading! Catch you again soon.

J :)

10 thoughts on “Big Fat Steaming Brew

  1. Hi John

    I have just started an art journal having seen them on pinterest – its my what I use to have a play with my craft products without having a clue on what it will turn out like – the best works I think are started like this!!!!
    I hope you have fun and enjoy your journal journey. The first page will definitely give you a smile x

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  2. I think it is awesome John and this is a page that you can look at everyday, bright, and cheerfull with Englands most important ( in my Dutch eyes) drink in mind, tea!
    Thank you for showing, I have an Art Journal with …. blanck pages, still needs to start.

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  3. Hi John, I really love the start of your journal.its something I keep promising myself to do. I love tea and can’t get through the day without making a cuppa about every half hour, so that would be the perfect starting place for me too.
    Could I ask you a huge favour please. I really want a set of files for my scan and cut. I need the four basic shapes with an inset stitched line. If it could be a set with different edge choices too, I would be in heaven. Maybe a little picot edge, or wavy edge, etc. Lots of my friends with scan and cut say the same. I know I could go into canvas and probably work it out, but I really don’t have the time or inclination. Much prefer to buy a set of files from your emporium that I can put on a stick and shove into the machine when I need it.
    I’m sure they would be very saleable, if that’s a word….but you know what I mean.
    Here’s very hopefully. Kind regards, Sheryl Carman.


  4. I thought from the main pic this was a fabric you’d had printed up from your own creation.!! Do you sit and do this in one hit or do you come back and add bits and carry on?

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  5. Great start to John’s Journal fabulous colours so bright and happy and who doesn’t love a great big steaming hot cup of tea ❤️ put the kettle on!!
    Julie xx

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