Me and Mum

Five Years On …

With another Father’s Day arriving this morning, I got to thinking about my own dad. The realisation that it is now five years since he passed away was quite a surprise though.

I haven’t spoken about him much as I am not a huge believer in living in the past, however, I did write about him at the time, in this blog post, and am glad that I did as it has given me the opportunity to reflect, remember and regather myself.

Perhaps I should start a journal and get more of my emotional moments on paper? Others seem to find it useful.

Another reason that I haven’t felt the need to open this up more for conversation is that I still have my memories of him and he continues to be in my thoughts regularly. Not for what he was at the end, but as the stable and traditional man he represented.

Surprising how two such polar opposite people could be anchored to each other. Or is it?

It is surprising how strong the memories are, to be honest, considering the time that has past but I guess this simply adds credence to the idea that we never forget lost friends and relatives, they simply live on in our hearts and minds. At the time I wrote, “…he would always be there.”, well, that seems to have continued.

I am grateful for that.

Mum seems to be happier than she was at the time now too, which is also a huge relief.

Grateful for that too for sure!

She has moved home, made new friends and is living out a lifelong dream and spending as much time ambling about by the sea as possible.

I got this pic of us when I visited the caravan during the All Counties Craft Challenge.

Me and Mum

You may recognise it as my profile pic on Facebook too. So, she’s always with me too even if I am a few hundred miles away.

I dedicated the last post on this subject to Fathers. This time though I am dedicating it to everyone. You are all awesome and mean the world to your family and friends.

Please accept this [hug]. It’s my gift to you.

Notes on care for [hugs]

  1. Use it whenever you need to.
  2. Store it in the kitchen cupboard near the biscuits between uses.

Anyhoo, nuff lovey-dovey stuff, I hope I haven’t made you all melancholy and that you will have a smashing day whatever you are doing :)

Many thanks for reading and hope you have a great day.

Bye for now.

J :)

18 thoughts on “Five Years On …

  1. 5 years for my dad too and yesterday would have been his birthday.. it does get easier but i do still miss him.. big hugs John xx

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  2. Lovely post John and I hope you will do the same with all our hugs aswell. I stored yours in my kitchen.
    Althoug my father is already past away 28 years, one of the first things I thought of today was him and how it was in the days. He has always a place in my hart and now and then he is there in my thoughts.

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  3. Great to hear you being so positive about your loss – lovely ideal re the hugs too. I lost my Mum this year so still feeling very ‘raw’ – thanks for sharing your feelings as it gives me hope that these terrible feelings won’t last forever. Liz X

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  4. I lost my father when I was 18 I had just had my daughter she was 6 weeks old when dad died, I am now 60yrs even after all these yrs I often think of my dad and tell my two children all about him, he is always in my heart I lost my mother nearly 20yrs ago which even now hurts, so love to you both and take care of your mother she is the most precious thing you will have in your life xxx

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  5. Smart idea keeping hugs among the biscuits…we often reach for one when we really need the other.
    Hmmm perhaps we should craft an envelope to keep each of our hugs in…that reflect their flavour…. a quick, cheery, squeeze, a delicate, gentle squish etc so that we physically have something to open…other than the biccie packet : )

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  6. I lost my Dad 6 years ago and my Mum 7 years ago today. You are right they never leave us even though some days we are busy and don’t think about them. Thanks John for reminding me to remember more. X

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  7. I love your posts John, big hug from me – pop it in the cupboard and save it for a rainy day!! I also lost my father in 2013 just after his birthday in the Jan he was also a traditional man he wasnt from yorkshire but married a yorkshire lass!

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