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Father’s Day – A Tribute

In April of this year my dad sadly passed away and left a hole in the lives of the family and friends that he left behind.

I am therefore dedicating this post to those fathers that are no longer with us and those loved ones that continue to deal with their loss.

The card that I have placed at the end of this post is fairly self evident as to the construction method so, if it’s Ok with you, I’d like to give you a short passage or two about Maurice, my dad, and I.

Maurice was born in the mid nineteen-thirties and spent most of his early years in and around North Yorkshire.  A beautiful place that was surely one of the reasons behind his love of gardening.

To describe him I would probably use the word – traditional.  It’s a word that could apply to many aspects of life but I think that it sums him up well.

He met my mum through his work as a driving instructor. They courted for some time (yes, courted – I told you he was traditional), and eventually married.  A union that would last for over fourty years.

After they married it wasn’t long before they began building a family.  By the time I arrived on the scene the world was a very different place from the one that my dad had grown up in but he maintained that traditional sense of being.

I can’t profess to having the most stable relationship with my dad over the years.  There were good times; the childhood trips to Yorkshire (which I loved), the Father/Son cub scout camp, the support that he gave me in getting through further education and the time he took to listen to my problems (mostly random whining).

Then there were the ‘other’ times, but then I guess that when a traditional man comes up against a head-strong/fiercely independent/creative ‘yoof’ growing up in a very different era then there were bound to be sparks at some point, right?

Regardless of whether it was good or ‘other’ he would always be there.

It has been hard to watch this traditional, stable and strong figure gradually deteriorate over the last few years.  We’ve joked about the volume of pills that he had to take, the mobility scooter drag-racing and the possibility of a frequent-flyer card for his visits to the hospital.  I think that it was a shared way of masking the sadness behind the inevitable end.

In April of this year all of his health issues overwhelmed his weakened body and he finally found peace.  I am glad that he is not suffering anymore, but I am also sad that he won’t be around anymore.

Today my thoughts are with my dad, and those fathers who are no longer among us.

John :)

In Memorium


18 thoughts on “Father’s Day – A Tribute

  1. Hi john
    Firstly so sorry for your loss but lovely to have such wonderful memories i sympathise wholly with you i to lost my precious dad in April all be it 13 years ago on the 16 th of this mth sometimes it seems a life time sometimes like it was yesterday honestly for me it nevers gets easier i think you just learn go kive differentky but in time you will be abke to laugh at the funny little things you 4 remember thinking if you lovey
    Hugs sue x

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  2. Hi John
    Thank you for sharing your times with your dad there will inevitably be times that you won’t get along that’s life so don’t worry, it’s good to hear he was supportive of you and was a good listener. I’m sorry for your loss, I have tears in my eyes from reading your post. I’m glad you have good memories of time with your dad that’s so important.

    All the best, Katie-Louise


  3. Finally found your blog, John and saw this post… I lost my own father on Dec 1st of last year… Thank you for sharing this beautiful card


  4. What a lovely tribute John. My father died 2 days before Fathers Day this year and I can relate to the hole in your life and the pain. Crafting has been my saviour in the troubled days since.


  5. Lovely thoughts and beautiful card, John, I lost my dear Dad 17 years ago and still miss him. he went very suddenly, working (at age 78) until 1pm and gone by 5pm – great shock to us but he always said he wanted to die with his boots on (he almost literally did!) My heart goes out to you. Judy xxx


  6. Thinking of you John. My dear father died 12 years ago now, and my mother 23 years ago but all the anniversaries, like this one, Christmas, their birthday and the day they each passed still hurt.

    Hold on to the happier memories and know he will live on forever in your heart.


  7. I feel for you, John. I went through a long illness leading to the passing of my Mother-in-law less than a month ago. She was like a mother to me. I appreciate your tribute and thoughtful post. Great card too!


  8. I lost my father 6 months ago too, we had a very difficult relationship but I miss him terribly, or perhaps miss the hope that there could have been a relationship – all I know is it hurts and I love him such a lot. Thank you for your honesty and hope you get through today ok. Best wishes, Jean-Mary.


  9. Hi
    Your tribute brought tears to my eyes, I lost my Dad just over 2 years ago and have just come back from the cemetry, I miss him every day. TIna x


  10. Lovely tribute John. I lost my father when I was 11 and my mother when I was only 23 and even now I still miss them and miss all those years I never had with them – getting to know them as an adult and knowing they never saw their grandchildren is so sad. Those peeps still with Mums and Dads – make the most of being with them!


  11. Thank you for sharing this. I lost my father unexpectedly nearly seven years ago, and I still think about him everyday. X


  12. My thoughts are with you and the rest of us who no longer have our dads to celebrate this day with. My dad died 10 years ago last April and this has been the first year I’ve managed to make my Father in law a Father’s Day card without feeling overwhelmed with sorrow.


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