Scan N Cut Saturday – Design A 50s Style Paper Folded Party Dress

January 13, 2018 — 17 Comments

Hello fellow scanners, hope you are ready for another video tutorial as I think that you are going to LOVE this one!

In this video I will be showing you how to create a 50s style pleated paper folded dress that looks just fab cut from patterned paper.

Ready to take a look?

No problem, here you go …

Design A 50s Style Paper Folded Party Dress In Scan N Cut Canvas 7

Fab isn’t it?

I am genuinely excited about sharing the process that I went through for this one but just before I do I would like to take a mo to remind you that I am using a Brother Scan N Cut cutting machine which is exclusively available in the UK from Create and Craft TV, so, if you don’t yet have a machine – please do pop over to the Create and Craft TV website and take a look to see if it would be right for you.

Oh, just while I am reminded folk of stuff, don’t forget that I have a whole punch of blog posts in the archives and a growing playlist on YouTube so if you need a catch up – as I now tend to go a little quicker in the videos – please do have a rummage around, you may just get inspired!

Links to the stuff are as follows:

Right, it’s time to dim the lights, refill that mug and sit back and watch.


Ok, thanks for watching and hope that you have a go yourself.

Catch you again next time.

J :)

17 responses to Scan N Cut Saturday – Design A 50s Style Paper Folded Party Dress


    Hi John
    Thanks so much for doing all the hard work first for us . Can’t wait to return home and play .
    Also thanks for the really informative course in Kent the other week. Look forward to next year !!!!!!!

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    Thanks, John. I watched over and over and made this along with you. Now I have a fabulous file that I can use again and again. Love it.

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    Hi John, keep trying this one but for some reason the dash lines always disappear, wondered if you or any followers have any idea what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for all your guidance.



    John, thanks so much for posting this tutorial. I just wanted to say thank you for the Scan n Cut Canvas tutorial along the way too. I found it really helpful.

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    Excellent thanks for this and everything else you do. Your name of gentleman is certainly very appropriate.

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    Thanks again John another lovely card, sort of managed this one, lost my dashed lines and couldn’t get them back, think its more to do with canvas it sometimes wont ungroup, bad workman blames his tools and all that! Any ideas why the top part of the properties box (the measurements) disappears?



    brilliant learning a lot watching your tutorials thank you

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    Love the dress. Have learned so much just following your instructions. love Helen

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    Enjoyed watching the video,thanks. Just wondering if possible for you to tour Britain with Scan n cut and Canvas intermediate level. Have learnt to do basics from you and C&C over the years since getting my CM600.

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    love the dress and I am learning so much from you

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    Thanks for the designing knowledge John, I upgraded my CM300 to a CM900 at Christmas, so have been using it more to justify buying it. Lol. x

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    wow great idea well done

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    Well thankeee kindly sir!

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