Craftwell Ebosser with GoPress And Foil

Stuffing A Big Mouth – Combining the GoPress and Foil with the Craftwell eBosser

Some things have a big mouth, like me. Other things include the Craftwell eBosser. Wendy Timerblake recently decided to stuff it with her GoPress and Foil and through her experimentations, and subsequent kind email to me, I am delighted to share her sandwich recipe!

Plate combo appears to be as follows:

GoPress & Foil (on the bottom) and then, the 2 x A plates and the B plate. Simple when you know how!

Here is a photo that Wendy supplied, via Couture Creations.

Craftwell Ebosser with GoPress And Foil
Craftwell Ebosser with GoPress And Foil

Hope this answers that question for any Craftwell eBosser/GoPress and Foil owners out there.

If anyone else would like to share their findings, then please do drop me an email and I’ll happily share/name check.

Just a quickie today as I’ve lots on ‘behind the scenes’. Will catch up with you soon!

J :)

24 thoughts on “Stuffing A Big Mouth – Combining the GoPress and Foil with the Craftwell eBosser

  1. Hi, we have just moved house a couple of months back and have finally emptied all the removal boxes but it seems I have lost the UK power cable for my cut n boss, any ideas where I can get new cable from pleeeeease


  2. Please help! I have been given a Gopress and foil machine with a US plug, I live in the UK and want to know will a plug adapter be okay or do I need a converter. My machine is new (never been used) boxed and has paper work but it doesn’t state either there or on the machine the wattage or voltage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  3. My gopress and foil arrived late this afternoon. Was nearly in tears as didn’t know what sandwich to use for ebosser Glad I found this help. Will now go and try the sandwich I still have an old A plate so can try that first. Thank you. Xx

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  4. Hi just wondering can you use the go press foils with the scan n cut foiling system. Just ordered the foiling system from C&C but they have no extra foils available. Thanks for your help folks

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  5. How timely! just got my GoPress and use the CutnBoss as my usual die cutter but do have the Ebosser too so I can now start to play. Thank you both.

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