15 Creative Watercolour Techniques

15 Creative Watercolour Techniques

Well hallo you! Seems like ages! To be honest, I have been totes busy of late and have let my wee little corner of the web slide a little.

The good news is that I did manage to squeeze in a little late night fiddling – no, you saucy monkey, not that kind – the creative kind!

With my watercolours I have been building up a little library of techniques and, of course, I just had to share them with you!Just a bit further on I will talk you through all 15 ‘episodes’ and give you a few lovely pics to have a look at.

Don’t want to read the rest of the text in this post? No problem, just click on the sassy text just below, now.


Ok, now those ‘won’t waits’ have gone, time for me and you to have a quick look through whats coming up in this series of videos on YouTube.

Just before I do though, I would like to recommend a few places through which you can grab a range of the supplies seen in this video series at budget-friendly prices.

Ok, now that’s all out of the way. Let’s take a look at the playlist.

Intro – This little clip will guide you through what to expect and what materials I will be using most of.

1 The wash. Probably the simplest of all the watercolour techniques.

2 The two colour wash. By adding two or more colours you can create some effective backdrops for your die cuts, stamps or anything else for that matter.

3 Layering, Take a look at how to layer colours and what happens when you do.
4 Spattering. Probably one of the first instinctive art techniques you adopt as a child is now an official grown up creative technique!
5 Spritzing. With the advent of the spritzing mister came a technique for watercolour enthusiasts the world over.
6 Pencil Shavings. Watercolour pencils are much underrated. Take a look at three creative techniques for these affordable watercolour sources.
7 Powders. Ground watercolour pigment can create the most awesome of colour bursts, find out how.
8 Powders With Stencils. Don’t think Stencils are for watercolour hobbyists? Then you’d be wrong.
9 Watercolour Pastels. A relatively new source of colour for the watercolourist, these lipstick-like paints will give you colour beyond imagination.
10 Wash & Blow. Relive your childhood with the simple but highly decorative abstract watercolour technique.
11 Resist With Embossing Powders. Adding colour is great, but resisting it can also be very creative too.
12 Resist With Masking Fluids. Around since the early age of watercolour, masking fluids are often overlooked as a creative medium.
13 Salt Lift. Adding and resisting colour not enough for you. How about lifting it and shifting it with regular table salt?
14 Tissue Lift. Faux crushed velvet or crumpled paper, both styles can be achieved with some watercolour and toilet roll.
15 Dip & Drag. Easy, quick and fun to do, this technique will give you lots of variation and colour in your watercolour projects.

Right, tempted? Ok, just click on the image link below and it’ll take you over to start watching the playlist from the intro.


15 Creative Watercolour Techniques

Many thanks for reading, watching, supporting. Means a lot to an independent creative like me.

Bye for now and hope to see you again soon.

J :)

6 thoughts on “15 Creative Watercolour Techniques

  1. Hiya John lovely to see you popping up in my ‘in box’ again…..geez I missed you. I’m looking forward to settling down with a coffee and getting myself lost for an hour or two being creative, with you by my side ha ha. Glad you are well and busy doing what you enjoy and do very well. Karen x

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  2. Hi John

    I was a tad concerned too with the lack of posts, glad it’s because you’ve been a busy bee.

    I love watercolour techniques, I did art long before I did papercrafts so I’m familiar with all these. I make a lot of my backgrounds this way and it’s a great way of using any papers you have that aren’t quite your style. When I’m up to watching the videos if I notice any bits that I do/use that you’ve not mentioned I’ll share with you.

    Must go, screens and I not friends today but I just wanted you to know that I’m glad you posted and I’m glad you’re ok

    Big hugs and sunshine to all,

    T x

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  3. I just nead to go, but before I closed my mailbox I saw your mail comming, so glad everything is alwrite with you. Thanks in advance for the load of work you have done and tonight I am going to read, watch and learn more about watercolour techniques!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wahoo! Helloooo!
    Was a bit concerned about you but know you are busy…did you see that negativity was having a little nibbke at you but POW! Let’s all kick it into touch! Thanks for all this loveliness : )

    Liked by 1 person

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