Updating The Brother Scan N Cut Via USB GCPV

Scan It Saturday 10.1 – First Time Update For A Brother Scan N Cut CM900

Today I had the opportunity to open my new Brother Scan N Cut CM900 and realised that I would need to update it, so, thought that this would be a good opportunity to do a video to help explain this in case you were having difficulties with it yourself.

The process, as far as I am aware, should also apply to any of the Scan N Cut models so don’t feel that this is specific to this model.

You will need a blank USB stick in order to complete the first update via this method. You will also need to be able to access the internet from a desktop or laptop computer.

Other than that there is very little else required, so I’d best just pop the video below and let you have a gander.

Do remember that if you haven’t already got one, the Brother Scan N Cut machines are available exclusively in the UK through www.createandcraft.tv

Many thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please do list them on the YouTube page or below in the comments section.

Catch you again soon.

10 thoughts on “Scan It Saturday 10.1 – First Time Update For A Brother Scan N Cut CM900

      • Any idea why Scan Cut CM900 does not update automatically. Update 2.30 aded this functionality to it and this is the last update I have on mine. I am having difficulty to connect to Canvas Workspace even though my CM900 is showing connection to my network as being ok. I cannot download from Workspace wirelessly so thought it might be a problem with the updates.


      • Not sure. Sounds like there may be a connection issue between your WiFi and the machine. You could always try resetting the connection to see if this ‘clears’ the blockage. Failing that I would suggest contacting the Brother support team. J :)


  1. hi could you please let me know if there are any new updates for the cm600 scan n cut as I have been on website and just getting old ones but when watching on cnc I notice that there are updates that I have not got
    thanks Julie fish

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  2. Dear John, I ordered my CM900 3/4 years ago when it was first marketed. and since the have become addicted to it. A few Days ago I ordered the CM700 that has been aired on Create and Craft this week. I was just wondering if you could advise me on this query. I have also got the embossing and foiling accessories for the CM900. Can I also use them on the CM700 when it arrives or do I have to purchase new ones. This is the best machine and use more and more each day.

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