Screen Sensation Butterfly Canvas GCTV3

GCTV3 – Making A Stunning Canvas with the Screen Sensation

This week I finally got to play with the Screen Sensation screen printing kit and I must say, I am well chuffed with the results!

In the video, I have a bit of an experiment first and then show you the colourful canvas project that you can see in the preview image.

If you haven’t got the Screen Sensation kit yet and would like to know more, please head over to –

Hope you enjoyed episode 3 – there’s more on the way!

Thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “GCTV3 – Making A Stunning Canvas with the Screen Sensation

  1. Hi John,
    Great video I love your creations. The screen print does interest me, i have not purchased one yet I am still sat on the fence. I would love to see you create your own design to use – can it be done on the scan n cut? I know that it can be used on t shirts and now on fabric and put on the canvas – you did a great job. I wonder using the 12 by 12 version on paper whether I would get to use enough and how I would use. Thank you for sharing your demos you are an inspiration.

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  2. Good to see another perspective on the screen sensation, the printing on fabric really appeals to me. Would also like to make my own designs up though haven’t fully understood how to do it with the screen blanks. Is the cleaning up of the screen sensation as easy as it appears? Another thought I realise that the paint has been specially formulated for the screens but could it be used with water based emulsion to really match home décor. enjoyed your film Good luck with the diet its really hard.

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    • Hi Mandy. Not tried the DIY screens yet – watch this space!
      Re clean up, yes, super easy. Just scrape left over paint back into pot and run everything under water.
      Not sure re emulsion but I know you can get a medium to add to regular acrylic paint to make it compatible with screen printing.
      Best folk to ask would be the team at Screen Sensation.


  3. Morning John. Err….ahem…got the kit when first came out but shamefully haven’t had a go yet. Got lits of ideas, and your video may just have given me the kick up the butt needed : )
    Even grabbed the smaller frame for cardmaking etc at a bargain price on CnC the other day so I really have no excuse. Hmmmm housework may have to wait….again : )

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